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and when those blue snowflakes start falling

Happy Christmas eve-eve! It's so nearly Christmas and I am so, so excited. For some unknown reason this year I am one hundred and twenty five percent into the festive season, and am ready to consume as much turkey and mince pie as humanly possible once the big day arrives. Ever since my exams finished I have been getting increasingly desperate to go out and do christmassy things, however the ridiculous weather we are having at the moment is making it a bit difficult to do anything other than sit indoors with tea and the harry potter repeats that are playing on TV at the moment (I got way too emotional watching The Goblet of Fire last week). We were planning to go on our annual trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park today but it was closed due to the sort of storm thing going on, so instead I dressed in my most festive outfit and we headed over to Selfridges on Oxford street to finish off all the presents for the family.

Our house has suddenly begun to look festive, which is quite an achievement considering the fact that we only managed to get our tree up last week. We've never been a first of december kind of family, but we definitely did cut it fine this year. For me, Christmas doesn't really begin until we get the tree - it carries with it such a earthy, rich smell that brings back floods of memories every single year.

Mistletoe, christmas card and Talented Totes advert, Maltesers advent calendar, and of course the traditional box of Christmas celebrations.

I couldn't write a Christmas post and not throw in a few wonderfully sarcastic festive photos of myself. I felt that being ridiculously posey in front of the tree was quite apt, for some reason. Who knows, eh? Anyway, I am wearing my tartan dress from Oxford with polka dot H&M tights, Topshop socks, a t-shirt from Blitz in Brick Lane and a cardigan and shoes from Clothes Show Live.

I had a very pleasant trip out to Selfridges; we had lunch in Eat, and spent a very long time trawling through all the delicious christmas delicacies on sale in the food hall. I then spent an age stroking all of the beautiful Miu Miu dresses in the womanswear section and crying because I currently own about £12.60, which is definitely not enough to afford gorgeous designer dresses or Sophia Webster shoes. It is, however, enough to buy some festive mini cupcakes...which I thoroughly enjoyed after the amazing pre-christmas turkey roast my dad cooked for us when we got back.
I hope you are all having a good break, and that you have a lovely Christmas (whether you celebrate it or not!)

ellie xo

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and when those blue snowflakes start falling
and when those blue snowflakes start falling
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