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guess you better slow your mustang down

Hello! So it's a new week...and I've had to start working again. I thought the end of my exams would mean I had less to do over Christmas but as usual, I was wrong, and I have had to save this week of the holiday to get on with my art and textiles coursework. However, I had a very good sunday and last night of freedom, as my parents had bought me tickets to see The Commitments at the Palace Theatre. We decided to make a day of it, and so I got to potter around Covent Garden all morning, which is a favourite place of mine.

I wore my white shirt from Blitz, cardigan from Clothes show, belt and skirt from Beyond Retro, bag from The London Satchel Company, socks from Urban Outfitters and shoes from Rokit. My Bowie t-shirt was a present from my cousins and I absolutely love it...it's so nice to see Bowie memorabilia featuring images other than the iconic Aladdin Sane cover, which I do love but feel gets a bit over-used sometimes.

Rokit had an amazing sale on, and I ended up spending the remainder of my birthday money on some gorgeous autumn-y bargains, before having a lovely soup lunch in Pret (they do the best vanilla chai tea on the planet). We then went on a little stroll through China town to find the theatre, and stumbled upon Ed's Diner, which I have been meaning to go to for basically ever. We ended up going there for dinner after the show, and it was AMAZING.
Also, on the way I was lucky enough to be shot for street-style photographer Joseph Kent's blog, Unlimited by JK. I hadn't actually seen his blog beforehand, but have been enlightened and become a dedicated reader as his photography and fashion sense is incredible. The photograph below is from the shoot, and here is the link to the post.

Ed's was just as amazing as I had hoped. The decor is so perfectly american I honestly felt as if I had stepped back in time into a 50's diner. All it needed was some quiffs and skater skirts and bang, you wouldn't believe it was the 21st century. What I also liked was it managed to keep the greasy feel of a burger joint without being at all, well, greasy - keeping hygiene and food quality at a solid 10 out of 10, it maintained the feel and vibe of a standard diner without losing the luxuries of a restaurant.

As I'm sure you can imagine, the food is absolutely incredible. There is a lot of choice, from classic dogs and burgers to chicken and vegetarian options; a wide range of kid's meals; and the freedom to opt for a 'Skinny Ed's'...all the flavours and toppings from any of their hamburgers, served with fresh salad and no bun. Perfect for people like me who can't handle a whole burger and chips, or for those wanting a healthier option. I also raise my glass to the fact that they serve the salad with the dressing on the side...every dressing should be served on the side. I thank you, Ed, whoever you are.
Their milkshakes are also to die for. I am a huge milkshake fan, and have definitely had my fair share of different consistencies and flavour combinations over my time, and it is safe to say that Ed's make the best milkshakes out of anywhere I have visited in my 16 years of life. I chose a mint chocolate flavour, and nearly cried it was so freaking good. Also, they are served in a tin decanter, so you are guaranteed more than one glassful...I managed to get three out of mine. Three. (life goals: achieved)

My parents had bought me The Commitments tickets for Christmas, and although I wasn't familiar with the story, I had been listening to the soundtrack recently and so was so excited about seeing it performed. It is based on the book by the same name by Roddy Doyle, and is about a group of misfits from Dublin who club together to form a soul band, and bring soul music to Ireland. The contrast between the powerful music and dark irish humour strikes a perfect balance, much like I can imagine a sweet bailey's liquor would taste on the tongue. The actors were incredible and had so much energy...and fantastic voices. I really enjoyed it, and am now desperate to see the film...if only to try and experience the thrill of it all over again.

After the show we walked back through Leicester Square, where we found ourselves in a Christmassy funfair. It was a lovely end to a very busy and very eventful day, and a lovely way to finish off my Christmas holiday before getting on with my schoolwork again.
I hope you are all well,

ellie xo

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guess you better slow your mustang down
guess you better slow your mustang down
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