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How I sighed when they asked if I knew his name

Happy boxing day! I hope you are all having a good Christmas! I am writing this from the past as I scheduled this post (I wrote it on Christmas eve) so that this blog would have something up before the weekend, as I'm staying at my aunts over Christmas and so won't have my laptop with me. Today we were going to try and go to Winter Wonderland again, but as before the weather kept us at home. Instead I dressed in a predominantly orange outfit and went around to the Broadway to get some last minute shopping. It was incredibly busy, but so lovely as for some reason Christmas cheer has really spread to everyone up here, and everyone was really talkative and merry for once. It's quite unusual for people in London to do anything other than mind their own business and look out for themselves, so to end up having a nice chat and be wished a merry Christmas by more than one stranger was a slightly surreal but really pleasant experience. I wish people were as nice to each other every day as they have been to me today.

I wore my skirt from Oxford, shirt from Absolute Vintage in Brick Lane and cardigan from Spitalfields.  After shopping, I had a nice lunch and had time to journal, read my gorgeous Bowie: Album by Album book (pictured above), and finish off another two pages of my sketchbook. I'm determined to keep on top of my art work from now on, and so far have actually been doing quite well.

Everything was orange today, which was weird but very aesthetically pleasing. In other news, I watched Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock) yesterday and absolutely loved it...despite being simple and quite comical at times, it kept you on the edge of your seat and said a lot about gender roles and breaking stereotypes. I also started to read Fight Club, which is fast-paced and very good so far...looking forward to watching the film afterwards!
Hope you are all well (and enjoying all of the Christmas dinner leftovers!)

ellie xo
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How I sighed when they asked if I knew his name
How I sighed when they asked if I knew his name
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