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I'd like to be under the sea (Ladybug Creations Review)

Hello! I have a jewellery review for you today...that sounds so typical and bloggerish I know, but last week I received some beautiful pieces from the lovely Ria of Ladybug Creations and I couldn't help but share them with you guys. Ladybug Creations are an online emporium of fairytale-esque, vintage-inspired jewellery that is handmade and customised for the individual customer. New designs are uploaded onto the site frequently, with jewellery being limited in stock so you are likely to end up with a rare or one-off piece that is no longer available for others to purchase. The owner Ria is lovely and very helpful, and is more than happy to edit the design to suit your individual tastes, from changing chain lengths to designing and making whole custom pieces. The prices are fantastic and the website is really pretty and easy to use, with jewellery grouped into collections such as 'Beside the Sea' and 'Jingle  All The Way.'

The first piece I have to show you is the 'Twisted Tentacles' necklace from the 'Beside the Sea' collection. I absolutely adore the pearl detail and two octopus pendants, and love the way is changes a simple collared shirt into a statement piece. It would also look gorgeous on bare skin over a low necked or strapless top or dress, however I just love the way it sets off a shirt - who needs little collar clips when you can achieve the same effect with a necklace?!

The second piece is this gorgeous pair of 'Ocean Whispers' earrings. Despite being quite big and bold,  they are also incredibly light and sturdy...a really good quality pair that I'm sure will be gracing my earlobes for many days to come.

I really recommend that you check out the Ladybug Creations shop, and look at Ria's blog to keep up to date with her awesome designs. Thank you so much Ria for such beautiful pieces!

ellie xo
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I'd like to be under the sea (Ladybug Creations Review)
I'd like to be under the sea (Ladybug Creations Review)
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