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and the background's fading out of focus

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a good weekend. Mine started off with a lovely parcel from Brag Vintage containing a gorgeous new checkered jacket, which obviously I had to wear straight away. I also finished a shirt in my sewing class (I will post about it soon) and had my eyes tested...which confirmed my suspicion that while I have near perfect vision in one eye, the other can barely see two metres in front of my face. Oh, the joy of short-sightedness. It does, however, give me all the more reason to expand my collection of granny-esque vintage glasses frames, which I see as no bad thing.

I ended up going for a wander around Brick Lane after lunch and wore my jumper from Clothes Show, shorts and shoes from Rokit, tights from H&M,  and socks from Banana Republic. I am absolutely obsessed with checks and tartan at the moment, and so felt it made sense to wear a mash of the prints all at once.  My jacket is from Brag Vintage, an online vintage clothing store founded in Sheffield. It offers a variety of carefully sourced and handpicked items, ranging from Levi jackets and shorts to light knitwear and accessories, and I can vouch for their speedy delivery - it took only two days for this beauty to arrive on my doorstep. Prices are incredibly reasonable, and I still can't get over the sheer amount of stock - if you want a good choice of unique denim jackets and shorts, this is the store for you.

I absolutely love Brick Lane. It's been a regular haunt of mine since my cousin-in-law introduced me to it when I was fourteen. The clashing cultures and history of the area fascinates me, and I love the regularly changing markets and pop up events that take place just across the road in Spitalfields. There are obviously amazing restaurants like Poppie's fish and chips, a whole host of independant coffee shops, and a tonne of crazy vintage and secondhand stores. There seems to be something going on every time I visit; street performances and concerts, street-art demonstrations, protests and board games being played in the middle of the road. It's a hub of creativity, and despite my every effort I just can't seem to tire of the place.

 Also, you may have noticed my blog has had a bit of a makeover...I finally got the theme sorted out, and although I intend to work on it a little more and finish off a few bits, I think it definitely looks tidier. The theme is made by Sweet Lemon Grey designs on Etsy, and I couldn't recommend them more.
What do you think?

ellie xo
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and the background's fading out of focus
and the background's fading out of focus
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