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and here under the spell of evening, I long to hold you tight

Happy Saturday! My first week back at school is done - and somehow I seem to be back neck deep in coursework again (although it does serve me right for all the hours I spent avoiding getting it done before Christmas). I took today to finish my geography work for monday, and take a trip down to central London to buy some bits and bobs for my textiles final piece, which I am beginning later this week. I decided to make a dress with a corset in April last year, but only now have I realised that might not have been the best decision, especially as I am using velvet which leaves basically no room for mistakes whatsoever. I like making things, and am looking forward to just giving it a go...hopefully it won't completely crash and burn and even if it does I'm sure I will show you guys just for us to laugh at.

I ended up discovering the shop of my dreams - 'MacCulloch & Wallis', whilst on a mission to get some corset boning. It is down a side-street just off of Oxford Street, directly opposite House of Fraser. It felt like the Selfridges of textile equipment, with it's gloriously old front and whimsical miscellany of modern and traditional fabrics, embellishments, trimmings and more. Over two floors of beautiful historical architecture are filled with an organised jumble of treasures, perfect for the basic DIY job or the theatrical graduate piece. Prices are incredibly reasonable too, making this probably one of my most favourite shop discoveries of late. Definitely going to be spending an awful lot of time here in the future.

I wore my fur coat from Oxford, high-waisted checkered jeans from Topshop, polo neck from Uniqlo, and shoes from Rokit. My earrings are from Hannah Makes Things and my necklace belonged to my mum. Tartan, checkered and hounds/dog tooth prints have been slowly seeping back into fashion over the last few years, but the recent increase in their appearances at LCM and LFW suggest that maybe this time they are going to be sticking around. I don't know about you, but my wardrobe at the moment consists of a good three or more checkered skirts...it's beginning to become a bit of an obsession if I'm honest.

Afterwards I ended up having a walk around Berwick street, and nipping in to Beyond Retro as I literally cannot pass by without having a snoop around, especially in their Soho store; it's almost underground and feels a little like a secret club.

In other news...I seem to have acquired the most gorgeous little hamster, who I have decided to name Elvis for some reason or another. We have always had pets in our family but after my dog Milly passed away a year ago I couldn't face trying to fill her place with another furry friend. Recently, however, the house has been feeling so empty that I couldn't help but pay the local pet shop a visit and buy the little bundle of joy that is currently running about in his wheel and making a hell of a lot of noise. Got to love his mischievous little face though. I also thoroughly enjoyed a bit of cinnamon, nutella and banana cake with tea whilst he settled in...can you possibly get a better combination of flavours?! I'm in animal and cake heaven.
On that note, I hope you have a good weekend!

ellie xo
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and here under the spell of evening, I long to hold you tight
and here under the spell of evening, I long to hold you tight
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