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I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour

Hello again! Apologies in advance for the lack of proper photos...I've ended up at my Auntie's this weekend and so only have some odd ones from this week...which has been a hell of a week if I do say so myself. It started off well with a trip down to Brick Lane with my buds Poppy and Mabel to attend the Industry Talks at Beyond Retro, where we had a really awesome time and met some amazing people. Then on Tuesday I arrived to my first lesson only to find out that we were going to be dissecting hearts...which is not really the most desirable thing to be doing before 9am on a week day. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday slipped by without me really noticing, however I did get to watch The Commitments on Friday evening. I've seen the play, the film, have the soundtrack on vinyl and am in the process of reading the book, and am beginning to worry that I'm developing a sort of infatuation with Doyle's fictional gaggle of misfits. The film definitely did not disappoint, combining the easy-going, light-hearted humour of the tale with the darker, underlying theme of the economic situation in Ireland at the time. Everything is said without being said...a very young teenage couple pass by with a pram; children can be seen playing with fire and rubble in the backgrounds of most scenes; everyone is poor and everyone is unemployed. It contrasts with the film's musical tone excellently and is a classic example of clever and well-planned directing.

 The shirt I wore on Friday is from Beyond Retro, and is worn under a floral top from Rokit and a green cardigan from Blitz. My jeans are from Topshop (finally I have found comfortable jeans that actually fit me properly), my shoes from Clothes Show and my jewellery belonged to my mum.

I re-organised some of my shelves recently, and added a few new things such as my earl grey tea cup candle, vintage books, flower crown from summer and my Rookie yearbooks. I have a thing for old books, one of my favourite being my mum's old Brownie handbook. I used to read it when I was little and pretend I was a Brownie or a Girl Guide. The photograph is of my Nan and Granddad. Also added to my miscellany of keepsakes was my new Orla Kiely enamel pot and houseplant.

On a separate note, I felt it was necessary to address my recent obsession with tartan and checkered prints, shown above by my current collection of skirts (pictured above with gorgeous Orla Kiely scrapbook from my cousin and The Police record). Tartan and checks have been slowly clawing their way back onto the scene for a few seasons but this time they really seem to have made their mark, shown by the sudden increase in their appearances on the catwalk, for example the above styles by Derek Lam and Emilia Wickstead. Personally, I can't get enough - every time I go out I have to physically restrain myself from buying more checks.
Have a good week,

ellie xo
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I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour
I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour
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