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she'll feel those needles and pins (London Fashion Week Day 4)

Hello again. It's so nice to be able to post every day...when I'm at school, I don't have enough time to take pictures to put up more than twice or three times a week, so to have enough content to update daily is a whole new thing to me (and I kind of love it). Today was my third (and unfortunately final) day at London Fashion Week. My outfits for the first two days had been pretty much sorted in my head, however this morning proved a challenge as I ended up faced with an entire wardrobe full of clothes and yet absolutely nothing to wear. I opted for a sort of wartime-meets-60s-meets-grandma kind of look, and wore my coat from River Island with a shirt from Blitz, cardigan from Clothes Show, skirt from a vintage market in France and clutch, belt and cute shoes from Beyond Retro

I found these beauties in Beyond Retro a few months ago, but haven't actually had the chance to wear them until today. They make me think of during and post war women's fashion, and make the most fabulous noise as you walk. You could almost mistake me for being sophisticated.

Today was definitely the quietest day...I did my usual stroll around, and bumped into a few familiar faces, before finding out that my outfit from yesterday had made it's way into the LFW Daily newspaper. I also hung around at the entrance with some really lovely photographers, who were so chatty and reminded me how lovely everyone has been this past weekend. The fashion industry has a bit of a reputation for being quite competitive and exclusive, but from what I've seen it's actually a really nice community of quite like-minded, artistic people.
I then made my way into Covent Garden, and had a lovely stroll through Neal's Yard (mm pret soup) before catching the bus home, and befriending a lady who decided to tell me her life story. I love talking to new people - I am fascinated by the idea that two people can meet only briefly, and yet impact each other in some way. I have a habit of talking to people in queues and on buses, it seems.

Anyway, I have to go into school for the next two days to finish my textiles project, and so unfortunately I won't be able to go to the last day of LFW. I feel as if I've really done it though...I've been up at 7am every day, been windswept, rained on, blinded by the sun and frozen all in the space of three days, lost and found my voice, blistered both feet, and loved absolutely every second of it. Bring on next year.

ellie xo
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she'll feel those needles and pins (London Fashion Week Day 4)
she'll feel those needles and pins (London Fashion Week Day 4)
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