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Smiggle Stationary

Hey there. Feels like ages since my last post...but once again, I have found myself snowed under with work. It's not all bad though - work isn't half as bad when it's art work. Art is probably the only thing that can be hard work and yet relaxing at the same time. On the subject of art, I recently received some super cool goodies from new stationary company Smiggle, and thought obviously the best way to communicate their coolness to you would be to show me using their products in my natural habitat (aka on the sofa on the laptop).

 (Elvis says hi)

Smiggle are a stationary company all the way from Australia, however their first British store is going to be opening in Westfields Stratford in London on the 20th February. They specialise in fun and colourful stationary and art supplies designed to brighten up your pencil case, which they definitely do. Everything is great quality too - the gel pens are bright and don't smudge or smear, and the headphones are the softest and comfiest things I have ever worn on my head (they're better than earmuffs). I really recommend you check out Smiggle's website, and nip down to Westfields to see the store when it opens!

ellie xo
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Smiggle Stationary
Smiggle Stationary
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