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and a thimblesworth of milky moon can touch hearts larger than a thimble

Hello again. I've been meaning to post all week, but as per usual schoolwork has completely taken over my life. I'm not feeling too bad about it though - my Textiles coursework is all due tomorrow, and although getting it all ready is quite demanding, I know I'm going to feel so good once it's all done and dusted. The workload for Design and Technology subjects like Textiles really surprised me - obviously I love fashion, designing and making, but I never expected that for GCSE we would have to carry out a project in that much detail. I don't regret taking it whatsoever though, as it has given me such an insight into what it would be like if I took Fashion Design further and studied it for A-Level or at University. 
Anyway, these pictures are all from last Saturday; I took a quite spontaneous trip to my childhood haunt, The Natural History Museum in South Kensington. I used to go there all the time because I absolutely adored seeing the dinosaur skeletons (when I was little I wanted to be a paleontologist), however I haven't been in ages...it felt like arriving at your family's house for the holidays. I managed to work it into my art project as I'm looking at pattern and repetition, so I did a few sketches of repeated patterns I could see in nature. 

 The Museum is such an amazing place, originating from 1753, when Sir Henry Sloane left his extensive collection of curiosities to the nation. They began the Natural History Collection, which has grown considerably and now fills the lofty stone rooms. There are all kinds of fossils, skeletons, rocks, minerals, species and files on display, including birds from Charles Darwin's own collection (a few of his unusual pigeons that were part of his proof that formed The Origin of the Species). Geologists, Biologists, Geographers and Zoologists can unite in this elaborate mecca of natural history, with perfect environments for art and the odd bit of revision. It is a fabulous place for a day out, and as entry is free, it's also the perfect place for last minute exam preparation...my friends and I are planning on going to revise for our Biology and Geography exams next month.
It also has a really welcoming and relaxed feel, despite being the home of such valuable and rare collections. Food and drink is permitted, and seemingly no one abuses it - the relaxed rule means people eat and drink when they need to, and just to keep them going so they can enjoy the displays. Children are welcomed, with interactive displays, and of course lots of benches and spaces for tired parents and lunches (if you prefer to bring your own). The caf├ęs are lovely (as you can see above the portions are huge!) and basically the entire atmosphere is vibrant and bubbly and full of interested people.

I wore my new velvet jeans that I bought from Beyond Retro. I absolutely adore the shape of them - they are really high-waisted and super comfy, and basically my dream trousers. I wore them with my shirt from Brick Lane, gold vest-sweater from the Vintage Carboot Sale, necklace and belt from Beyond Retro, backpack and shoes from Rokit and socks from Topshop. My jacket used to be my mum's when she was about my age. It's really weird because without seeing many pictures of my mum as a teen, I seemed to have developed almost the exact same style as hers. Maybe it's genetic.

 It's a really amazing place to visit. I could easily spend all day painting butterflies like the ones above.
Anyway, I better get back to my coursework (I literally have one page to do and then I never have to do it again, the excitement is excruciating). Also, I have seen the final photographs from the Beyond Retro photoshoot, and I love them! I can't wait to share them with you guys.

Ellie xo
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and a thimblesworth of milky moon can touch hearts larger than a thimble
and a thimblesworth of milky moon can touch hearts larger than a thimble
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