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his heart was like a sensitive plant that opens for a moment in the sunshine

Hello. It's been a busy first week back, but I'm finding gcses a whole lot less stressful now that I'm a little more organised. My current method for everything is 'a little and often,' and so far it's definitely worked, at least for subjects like art. Doing one or two little things each day amounts up to quite a bit of work over a week without you even realising. I've also started reading 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall' by Anne Bronte, and I absolutely love it...every character is included for a reason, and the theme of hypocrisy and irony is so carefully woven through every facet of the novel that you can't help but love Anne's courage - through her fiction, she manages to make some very bold and quite radical statements about women's rights, feminism and religion, which is quite a feat in an age where women were not even supposed to write books (hence her pseudonym Acton Bell).
In other news, I went out to China Town for dinner on Friday for my friend's birthday, which was so refreshing...unlike the typical teenager, friday nights are more of a stay-at-home affair for me at the moment. Being out was so nice, and reminded me how lucky I am to live in London (and right on the Northern Line) as I can hop onto a train and be in the centre almost straightaway. I also discovered the wonder that it Ben & Jerry's s'mores ice cream. So good (and worth the £2.70).

Yesterday (after getting annoyed at our printer that refuses to work every time I try to use it) I went for a wander around Camden Passage in Islington. I grew up around the Angel, however since going to secondary school in deep dark North London I rarely get the chance to go down there anymore. It really has changed over the years...the fairly shabby, ordinary community feel has morphed into an exciting, young, fresh canvas of art shops, vintage, antique markets, independent coffee shops and restaurants, all with that university youthfulness similarly felt in places like Spitalfields and East London. Camden Passage in particular has flourished, with several one-hit wonders that make the short visit more than worthwhile. If it continues to grow, I think it could be the next 'hip' spot in London...all it needs now is a little more publicity before bam, next indie hotspot.

 I wore my yellow River Island coat, Beyond Retro dungarees, Absolute Vintage shirt, Clothes Show cardigan, Banana Republic socks, and Rokit shoes and necklace. I am becoming a little obsessed with dungarees, purely because they are THE comfiest thing to wear ever, and can be worn over absolutely anything...what more could you want?

I had a good browse around the gorgeous shops, and had to seriously refrain from getting an ice cream from the heavenly Issy's Milky Way (pictured below). I intend to go back when it's not minus 6 degrees outside. The vintage shops are fantastic, with some amazing pieces, but quite expensive - not for anyone with my unemployed student's budget, that is. There are some cheaper clothing stalls out on the street, though, and I think I will have to return to the pricier shops for prom.

I found a gorgeous new cafe called 'Vivo' on Upper Street, which although looked absolutely packed managed to fit us in upstairs on a little heated terrace. I had a tea (what a surprise) although I was very tempted by the endless row of lunch options and cakes. Another reason I need to go back, I think.

I hope you are all having a good weekend,

ellie xo
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his heart was like a sensitive plant that opens for a moment in the sunshine
his heart was like a sensitive plant that opens for a moment in the sunshine
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