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why do fools fall in love (Company Magazine at Beyond Retro Event)

Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Company Magazine at Beyond Retro event at the Beyond Retro store in Brick Lane. As I'm sure you know by now, I am a loyal devotee to BR's eclectic aesthetic (ooh that rhymes!) and so when I heard they were going to be collaborating with one of my favourite magazines, I was obviously over the moon. I mean, what beats spending hours hanging out in the coolest store, surrounded by the coolest clothes, and meeting the loveliest (and best dressed) people, eh?
I wore my Beyond Retro shirt dress with H&M tights, Topshop socks, Rokit shoes, River Island coat and the cutest little purse from John Lewis. My Aunt bought it for me as a Christmas present from their haberdashery, but I felt it was too adorable to be used only for sewing equipment. Hence, the purse-clutch. (Photo credit: Maddy)


The atmosphere was so lovely - The Breakfast Club supplied us with sustenance in the form of their gorgeous fluffy pancakes. The sweet smell of maple syrup wafted around, and somehow made it feel so summery despite it being dark outside. Drinks were supplied by BrewDogs, and our ears were treated all night to sweet mixes from the awesome Blonde Ambition.

I got to hang out with some of my favourite ladies and met lots of gorgeous new faces...it still amazes me just how lovely everyone is. When I started getting into fashion, everybody told me that it was going to be the most competitive, bitchy industry - and yet, over a year later, I'm yet to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome at a fashion event. Then again, the majority of events I've been to have been organised by Beyond Retro, who have the loveliest team ever.
I met up with Adora (pictured above) who, as usual, was looking absolutely flawless...as were the lovely Rebecca, Paige and Amy, whom I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time and hope to bump into again soon. I also hung out with the amazing Maddy, who is so awesome (but more on her later).

I spent a lot of the evening with Fashion Obscura's Maddy, who for obvious reasons is such a style inspiration....I mean who else can pull off bold colour like that?! Also, we have to seriously acknowledge the clutch...which she made herself. Style and skill...crazy cool.

The evening was so lovely, and I had such a nice time with everyone...and may or may not have bought a pair of velvet jeans. Beyond Retro just has such a nice atmosphere...their laid back approach to fashion makes shopping there such a pleasurable experience compared to some stores, which make you feel out-of-place or intimidated upon entering. The huge variety of pieces they have on offer attracts such a diverse range of fashion-obsessed people, and makes you feel appreciated and welcomed as an individual with your own sense of style.

 Afterwards, I felt it necessary to get the default Brick Lane Beigel...it feels like you just aren't living life right if you go down to East London and don't end up devouring one of their delicious rings of doughy goodness. I fought my urges to get a peanut butter or nutella one and opted instead for tuna mayo and salad, which was so fresh and good and I totally recommend.
I had the best evening, thank you so much to Company Magazine and Beyond Retro for such a fab time, and to all the lovely ladies I got to hang out with for putting up for my little gingery head following them around all night.
Hope you are all having a good weekend!

ellie xo

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why do fools fall in love (Company Magazine at Beyond Retro Event)
why do fools fall in love (Company Magazine at Beyond Retro Event)
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