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Beyond Retro Prom Shoot

It's here! I have finally managed to post the pictures from the photoshoot I did with Beyond Retro! I was so excited to be asked to model for their 'Prom' theme, especially as I'm having my own prom at school in a few months. All photos are styled by the gorgeous Naomi, and shot by the amazing Hollie  (who is incredible and so, so lovely to work with). Hair and makeup is by the fabulous Tabby Casto and Roger Cho.

It was an amazing day, and I got to wear some super cute clothes. We must have looked a bit strange walking around the back of brick lane in full makeup, carrying about six pink balloons (which had a habit of flying away in the lovely springtime wind). I got to hang around in a children's playground, and absolutely loved being a prom queen for the day...it felt like Spring Fling or something.

Also modelling was the gorgeous Maddy and Charlotte, both have incredible blogs, and are so lovely to work with! We each represented a different prom style, from girly (me), to classic (Charlotte) to grunge rock (Maddy).

I absolutely loved being a part of the shoot, as obviously Beyond Retro are one of my favourite clothing stores, and it was such a fun day. I love how the pictures came out - look out for them on Beyond Retro's website, and check out their Prom Edit...it's definitely getting me in the mood.
Also, if you do have a moment, I would be really grateful if you could nominate me for Company Magazine's Style Awards under 'Best Teen Style Blogger - Under 18'. There are so many amazing guys and girls already competing but it would be amazing to even just be nominated. Thankyou!

Ellie xo
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Beyond Retro Prom Shoot
Beyond Retro Prom Shoot
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