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I say it's hip to be alive

Hello! As I mentioned in my last post, I spent two days of the Easter Holidays in Bournemouth. The second day was equally as relaxing as the first...I got up ridiculously early, and ate breakfast in the first cafĂ© by the sea that was open. It's surprising really how quiet the seaside is in the morning...apart from the occasional dog-walker, or out-of-breath runner, the beach is practically empty. I love abnormal peace and serenity in supposedly busy places; Oxford Street at 8am is a prime example, with a deserted funfair coming in at a close second. 
Once again my inner obsession with anything yellow/mustard/Wes Anderson-like came out in full swing, hence the suitcase and sort-of accidental colour scheme.

After breakfast I spent a good hour strolling along the beach, collecting pebbles, shells and various pieces of driftwood and sea glass for future art projects and room decorations. The weather was really lovely for England, however for some reason I still thought it necessary to wear a coat.
I found the 'Dorset 2014' sign (made out of pebbles) that someone had made, and felt it was quite relevant as it is 2014 and I was also in Dorset. I like leaving messages for someone else to find...it's one of my dreams to stumble across a letter in a bottle or something like that.

I then spent ages trawling through Poole's charity shops, before picking up some lunch from the super cute Le Petit Prince. They sold incredible sandwiches and had quotes written on the walls, like the ones pictured above.

After a quick ice-cream stop overlooking the vast expanse of heathland and harbour we drove all the way around to Studland, where after asking a very kind old man for directions we managed to find Old Harry Rocks. I'm studying them in geography, and so felt I couldn't really pass up the chance to actually see them before my exams (also, I'm a bit of a sucker for anything with natural beauty. I have  a bit of a magnetism for unusual or picturesque natural landforms).

As I had expected, they were beautiful - the white chalk just looked so clean and natural, and it was so nice to just get to sit on the cliff top without intrusive signs or barriers fencing you in. It seemed that there almost wasn't a need for any sort of intervention either...there was no litter, no one near the edge, no one doing anything except enjoy the view, the sea breeze and take the occasional picture with the aforementioned rocks (which as you can see I may or may not have done too). It was really refreshing to see that not all of the human race are vandals, and that there are a lot of people that also just like to enjoy nature as it is.

I had my lunch from Le Petit Prince on the cliff top, and spent a long time wishing I could somehow stay there and not have to take my exams. It was definitely the best way to clear my head. I then ended up drinking tea on Knoll beach, before finding the sweetest pub and having dinner outside looking out to sea. A pretty perfect day really.
I wore my River Island coat, Blitz shirt, Rokit shorts, Topshop shoes, H&M tights (and socks that were once tights) and necklace and belt from Beyond Retro.

I had such an amazing time in Bournemouth even though all I did was walk and stare longingly out to sea and occasionally wonder what it would be like to be a seagull. Now, writing this post I wish more than ever that I didn't live in the city...but then again, I think there has to be just as many things to do here, but as it's my home I've just never really thought of doing them.
I have my first exam on Tuesday (10 hours of art) which is quite a nice start really...as long as it's not chemistry I'm quite happy. I'm looking forward to this summer though, as I'll have loads of time to work on things (like this blog).
I hope you all have a good weekend, and don't forget you can still vote for me in Company's Style Blogger Awards under 'Best Teen Blogger - Under 18' if you want to!

Ellie xo
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I say it's hip to be alive
I say it's hip to be alive
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