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you come and you go, leaving just your picture behind

Hello! It feels weird posting on a Monday, but as it's the bank holiday I spent today at home, frantically typing up last-minute essays and making oddly shaped moth-like creatures for my art project. I've also moved into the spare room and made it into my own little workspace, and I absolutely love it...it's very Wes Anderson in colour and decor, and has the most amazing natural light from the windows. I will post photos soon I'm sure. 
Anyway, as a little pre-exam break I went away for two days to Bournemouth, which was a blissful escape from the confines of my house and the city. My parents and I used to spend many weekends in Bournemouth as my Dad nearly took a job there, and so being back brought a lot of fond childhood memories back to me. I often wonder how different my life would have been if he had taken it, as realistically I would probably have moved there to go to secondary school. It would have been nice to grow up by the sea, but I like to think that maybe things worked out the way they did for a reason.

(I wore a shirt from the Vintage Carboot, shorts from Rokit, tights and socks (which were tights that I cut down) from H&M, shoes from Topshop, necklace and belt from Beyond Retro, coat from River Island and bag that belonged to my Mum).
We arrived really early, so decided to have breakfast in a café by the pier before taking a nice walk along the beach. I really needed the freedom of just being outside, and as the weather was so nice I just kind of kept going...and going, until somehow I ended up in Poole. I thought I may as well carry on and walk around to the harbour, which I did, and after spending a good long while beachcombing I walked back along the beach to Bournemouth Pier, where the car was parked. It did seem like quite a long way, but I didn't think too much of it...until I checked on google maps and realised I had just walked eight miles. EIGHT. How can you walk eight whole miles without realising?!

I love beachcombing, and just seeing if anything interesting has been washed up. My best find had to be a wooden pipe, which I like to think was discarded by a sailor or gentleman in the thirties (which is probably very very wrong but nice to imagine).

On the way back to Bournemouth from Poole I felt it was necessary to get an ice cream, and without realising I managed to choose one that matched my outfit. I need to sort out my obsession with colour co-ordination, it's beginning to get scary.

Afterwards we drove out to find Clobber, as I had read about it on Hollie's blog and wanted to check it out. It definitely lived up to my expectations, and not only stocked an abundance of quirky vintage knits, gorgeous patterned dresses, dagger-collar shirts and kitsch accessories, but everything was a good £10 cheaper than the price of the same item in a London store. I bought a real cute bag, sleeveless sweater and purse, which I'm sure will make many future appearances on this blog. I also checked out the surrounding antique stores which I loved, and bought an O-Level textbook on Botany from the 1950s, and a tiny china replica of Shakespeare's house (I have no idea why).

I also enjoyed the customary walk along the pier, and spent a good fifteen minutes just staring out to sea. I love looking out over such a vast expanse of space...it's so calming, and such a nice break from being walled in by great big concrete buildings every day.
I absolutely loved Bournemouth, and have lots more pictures from the second day which I will share in my next post. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend...I have spent the remainder of mine eating ungodly amounts of Lindt chocolate and trying to avoid facing the reality that I am no longer by the sea and must return to normal school life tomorrow. Also, just a reminder that you can still nominate me for Company's Style Awards under 'Best Teen Blogger - Under 18', and that you can vote again if you already have. (sorry to keep saying it & being super annoying).

Ellie xo
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you come and you go, leaving just your picture behind
you come and you go, leaving just your picture behind
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