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such is the stuff from where dreams are woven

On Saturday, the weather was looking quite nice for once, and so in true English fashion I overcompensated and rushed to the nearest green space to soak up the rare sunlight in my most summery clothes. I've never been a dress kind of girl - as a child my boyish figure and obsession with walking around on all fours made them impractical, and as a young teen I was constantly in fear of a Marilyn moment. My aversion to skirts and dresses has seriously diminished over the years, but I just don't seem to own that many, meaning seeing me in a dress is a pretty unusual thing.
However, last November I found this super cute beige and teal dress in a market in Oxford, and have been dying to wear it ever since. The only problem? The object of my desire had a drop waist; the one thing I just cannot stand, on anyone (especially myself). For all I could see, they did nothing for even the best of bodies, and even the most slender the look of being at least six months pregnant. This in mind, I bought the dress anyway - but have struggled to wear it ever since.
This brings us to Saturday, when I opened my wardrobe, saw it hanging up and was like you know what? I don't care. I love the print, the collar is super cute, it is ridiculously 1920s in shape (it may as well have been in Downton Abbey) and not having a tight waistband makes it so comfortable. I also read an article suggesting that this may actually be the year of the drop-waist revival...so what better time to overcome my fear and wear the damn thing?

I will admit I was a little self-concious at first, and a little unsure how to stand to make it hang right. However, in a very short space of time my fear turned into an absolute love. It was incredibly freeing, loose and perfect for a hot summer's day. I really hope they do make a comeback this year, as I am definitely carrying on wearing this one.
Anyway, I went out for a revision break to a nearby park, and for some reason felt making a daisy chain and carrying around my cutest vintage books was also necessary. I need to stop matching books to my outfits.
I wore my dress from Oxford with a bag from a Topshop sale, socks from Topshop, and shoes from Rokit. I also had a cardigan from Clothes Show Live. The books are secondhand.

In other news, I am nearly finished my first two weeks of exams. The worst ones are over now - English is done, the hardest parts of Science, and Geography...and it's actually quite nice knowing that there's nothing more I can do. There's something kind of exciting about exams...they feel incredibly important, which is quite nice and makes a change from all of the classwork you do in lower secondary school that doesn't appear to contribute to anything. That being said, the revision is a little too stressful for me, as I'm a real visual learner but there's only so many diagrams you can do to try and learn about different fibres and weaves. Textiles is a great subject but I just don't think it suits a written exam, if you know what I mean.

Ok so now for the main point of this post - today is THE LAST DAY that you can vote for me in the COMPANY STYLE BLOGGER AWARDS in the TEEN BLOGGER category. It has been so amazing being shortlisted amongst so many amazing blogs, and it would be amazing if you could take the moment to vote once more just to see if we could maybe win! Just click here, click a blog, click next page, keep doing that until the 8th teen blogger category, select 'Rose and Vintage', keep going then click submit! Thank you all so so much. Have a wonderful weekend!

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such is the stuff from where dreams are woven
such is the stuff from where dreams are woven
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