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Take a dream on a Sunday, take a life, take a holiday

I think I've finally accepted that it's Spring. It's taken me a while, but I can no longer ignore the blue sky and cool breeze that greets me most mornings.The days are finally getting comfortably long - that panic of trying to get everything done before darkness creeps over is now just a long forgotten memory, melted away with the sun as quickly as the snow that decided not to fall this year.
I miss those dream-like years with the eternal summers; the long days spent trailing back and forth from the park to a friend's house and back outside again, the shrieking water fights, the lazing in the sun as the grass leaves sticky residue on your soft summer skin. Those years seem like forever ago; the time to just 'be' seems to have shortened with age, and I am finding myself with an increasingly small number of hours spare to see friends, explore new places, or just enjoy the bliss of doing nothing.
The imminent summer is set to be 'the best summer of my life', however it doesn't seem so far away any more, and the glistening glorification of those few golden weeks is starting to pucker and peel like weathering paint; over-exposure to my scrutiny beginning to wear away at it's dream-like quality and make me see it in a much more dampened light. I just can't see how one summer will change everything; the freedom, of course, will be much appreciated and enjoyed, but how will it differ from all the summers that have gone before? I can't help but doubt my ability to take this time and be the rebellious teenager my age expects me to be - I'm much more likely to spend the time enjoying some form of reality TV show aimed at the middle-aged housewife or elderly widow (cough Antiques Roadshow cough). I really want to make it a special, monumental time in my life, but I am just naturally cautious of getting too excited about something that maybe is only so great in chick-flick movies.

This outfit is from last Sunday, when I visited my family to celebrate my cousin's birthday. My inner craving to wear full pastels came out in full swing, so I wore my dress from Absolute Vintage (it was only £12!) tights and shoes from Topshop, belt from Beyond Retro , and cardigan that belonged to my mum. It was hand-knitted for her by my nan, and so I like the fact that I can wear it - it would be a shame to waste such a cute little piece that must have taken ages to put together. The fish pin (worn to hold the neck together) also belonged to my mum. I also felt the need to bring my favourite pink granny glasses back out again - no matter how many pairs I buy, there's something so great about these ones...they also look a lot like the pair worn by a member of Supertramp (I discovered this whilst watching Top of the Pops from 1979).

In other news, I survived my art exam! It took a lot of needles, a lot of thread and scrap material, but all fifteen fabric moths were completed in about nine hours, and presented in their display frame just the way I had planned. It was stressful, but definitely worth it. The exhibition is in a week or two, and so I'm sure I will be able to properly photograph my work to show you then.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good bank holiday weekend...mine began on Thursday evening, when for some reason my two best friends and I decided to watch the most chair-gripping (or nachos gripping, in my situation) film 'The Call'. It's rare that a horror movie is clever, but this one definitely was well thought out, and although the fantastic casting, acting and underlying themes were slightly brought down by a quite unrealistic yet typical horror movie ending, it left me severely shaken, so I think it served it's purpose. Basically, don't watch it unless you have something to hide behind when the tension becomes unbearable.

Ellie xo

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Take a dream on a Sunday, take a life, take a holiday
Take a dream on a Sunday, take a life, take a holiday
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