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to a room with some lace and paper flowers

I am really not amused with the weather right now. It's nearly the end of May; it should be sunny, or at least bright and looking like it's going to be summer soon. For some reason, though, we have been living in what feels like a state of perpetual grey for the last week or so. I'm convinced it's because I bought a pair of vintage Birkenstocks from Beyond Retro on Saturday. I thought I'd try and get in on the whole slider-sandal trend and it seems instead I've angered the weather Gods or something, as they seem hell-bent on making it impossible for me to wear them. I've even had to break my winter coat out again, which is actually no bad thing as I am still completely in love with it (I mean it's yellow. How can you not love something that's yellow?!)

Anyway, yesterday I went out with my family to get all pampered and ready for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. I've never been the girliest of girls, and rarely manage to paint or maintain my nails (or my hair, or my makeup, or anything to be honest). It is so nice to actually get them done though - I mean I had one lady working on my feet and one on my hands, while I sat in some kind of futuristic massage chair. It was a little odd but once you got used to the whole concept of a pedicure (I just find it so weird because I mean, they're basically just washing your feet) it's actually quite nice and relaxing. I've always loved getting my hands painted, despite the polish usually getting ruined within a day or two because of art or textiles.
I wore my dungarees from Beyond Retro, a shirt from To Be Worn Again in Brighton, coat from River Island, socks from Topshop and shoes from Clothes Show.

I'm really getting into wearing jewellery. I went through a phase of just not really having time to put any on, but my growing collection of cute pins and beads has inspired me to try and match some to all of my outfits. I bought the squirrel pin in an art shop on Brighton beach and the beads from Snooper's Attic, and have since been wearing them with literally everything. I kind of want to buy loads of different coloured beads so I can just colour-coordinate them with my outfits every day.

As usual I had to have a nose around Camden Passage - it's a real hive of vintage and antique shops, and although the majority are a little out of my price range, I still think they're worth looking through.  "Cloud Cuckoo Land Vintage" is such a gorgeous little shop full of the most amazing and authentic pieces, while "A Fat-Faced Cat" sells the best dresses and jackets, and "Issy's Milky Way" is the coolest 50's rock and roll milkshake bar, complete with Elvis music videos playing in the background. Basically, I love it. And there's a street market on Wednesdays that is really cheap and sells loads of dresses, silverware and brooches.

We had lunch in The Breakfast Club - I've been a few times before, but haven't had a proper meal in there for ages. Hollie's post reminded me how nice it was, so I was quite pleased when I realised that was where we were going. I had one of their 'hot wraps' and it was seriously, seriously good. So good I didn't even have time to take a picture of it. I still want to go back to try the pancakes, though.

I hope you are all having a good week! The Motel sale is on until 7pm today, and I'm going to be there at about 10/10.30ish tomorrow morning so come say hi if you are around! There's going to be lots of cool stuff on sale so I'm really looking forward to it.
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to a room with some lace and paper flowers
to a room with some lace and paper flowers
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