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to sleep through the fleeting hours of morning

Hello! I apologise for the slightly boring post. This week is my last week of school before my exams begin, so everything has been a little hectic. I took these pictures a week ago after finishing my art exam, and going for a spontaneous meal out to celebrate. I wore my mum's old jacket and bag, shirt from Spitalfield's market, jeans and socks from Topshop, and shoes from Rokit. Pretty much everything in my life recently has been very neutral/brown/beige/mustard in colour, and although I thought it was a phase I'd grow out of, my growing collection of natural earthy hues is starting to seem a little more permanent. I have nothing against bright colour  - I love anything 'out there', especially if it has a wacky print, but autumnal tones are just so easy to wear on a day-to-day basis.

I'm really looking forward to after exams, as I feel I have a lot to catch up on. There are so many films, TV series and books that I have just not had the chance to enjoy yet, and I can't wait until I have the time to relax a little and do lazy things like stay in bed and watch movies all day. I'm not generally a lazy stay-in-bed kind of person, but it would be nice to do once in a while.
I did watch a good film the other day though...I have a bit of a thing for Hitchcock films, and so couldn't resist taking some time out and watching 'To Catch A Thief.' I love Hitchcock's dry sense of humour - his sarcasm and very english, subtle comedy is quite ahead of it's time, and I personally think paved the way for that witty, sarcastic kind of writing shown in films like 'Submarine,' and even in Wes Anderson movies. This one was definitely one of my favourites...Grace Kelly is absolutely fabulous as always, although it is painfully ironic to watch her drive 'recklessly' down Monaco's winding roads, considering how she died. It's a fairly light-hearted plot, but it's definitely a classic.

I hope you are all having a good week...my last day is Friday, and as tradition at my school, my whole year is turning up in fancy dress. My friends and I are going as The Flintstones (I'm supposed to be Pebbles). It's a bit of a cop-out for me really, as all I need do is put my hair up and wear green, but you know, it's the taking part that counts.
Sorry for the short and boring post (I have better things on the way soon don't worry).

Ellie xo
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to sleep through the fleeting hours of morning
to sleep through the fleeting hours of morning
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