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carefree laughter, silence ever after

Friday was quite literally the dreamiest, summery-est day I've had for ages (despite having a biology exam in the afternoon). The sun was actually out for once, and it was unusually warm for London - unsurprisingly though, it was the first day for ages I had decided to wear jeans. Typical.
I can't believe it is only a week until I finish school completely...obviously I still have two years of sixth form, but it's going to be so different, and I have a crazy 10 weeks of complete freedom beforehand. I've been planning all of the things I'm going to do for ages, but now it's almost here and I just don't feel like I'm prepared enough - this is probably the most carefree summer I'm going to have, like, ever, so I want to really make the most of it and all. I have decided I am going to buy myself a moleskin journal at last, though, to try and encourage me to draw and document more. Who knows, I might discover the inner artist in me yet (I better hurry up otherwise I am going to completely fail A Level art).

I based this outfit around the super cute checked shirt dress I picked up from the Motel sale. It's actually supposed to be worn with the buttons going down the back (the label is on the button side) but I just liked the button-down effect too much and so wore it backwards. I wore it with a top from the East End Thrift Store, jeans and socks from Topshop, cardigan from Beyond Retro and shoes from Rokit.

I always forget to wear regular t-shirts because of my ridiculous obsession with collars...I usually wear a collared shirt underneath, but obviously summer makes that a little too hot so I tend to forget to wear them completely. Wearing random beads and necklaces makes it feel a little less like a plain top though, and hopefully will encourage me to wear more in the future. I liked layering it under the dress - it felt kind of 90's, for some reason.

I spent the remainder of Friday afternoon de-stressing with watercolours, which was unbelievably relaxing as I haven't been able to paint since I handed my final art sketchbook in over a month or so ago. I totally agree with David Bowie's idea that one creative medium fuels other creative mediums; just painting a little, or doing something equally expressive, really opens up the sort of creative pathways in the brain; I found my recent clothes-rut completely solved, and was able to tidy and organise my head a little more before starting work again that evening. Basically, painting is the best medicine for pretty much anything.
Have a good week!

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carefree laughter, silence ever after
carefree laughter, silence ever after
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