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Company Magazine Rising Stars Music Party

 Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Company Magazine Rising Stars Music Party with the amazing Adora Mehitabel and Kayla Hadlington. Being quite new to such events, I had no idea what to expect - and so of course was happily surprised to discover I was in for an evening of good music, good food, lovely people and even free manicures...all in (and on the amazingly colourful rooftop of) the Queen of Hoxton in East London. Everything was so vibrant and summery (and perfectly instagrammable, forgive me for using such a word) and felt like a little oasis in the middle of the busy surrounding streets. The general atmosphere of the evening was also greatly helped by the fact that it didn't start to get dark until about 9.45pm, allowing us to remain upstairs in the crisp summer air for as long as humanly possible, before being lured downstairs to see the amazing live acts and of course test out both available photobooths.

(photos by Kayla)

I am desperately trying to break out of, or at least develop on from my strictly orange and mustard phase, and so decided to wear a slightly different outfit to my usual choices. I bought the jeans from Topshop in December last year, and although I love them (they are literally the most comfortable things in the entire world) I have never really worn them that much. I'm definitely going to try and wear them more this Summer though, as they are that perfect light material that is great for the slightly cooler evenings. The purple shirt is from Beyond Retro, the silver crop top is from Urban Outfitters, and the shoes and socks are also from Topshop.

(Company Magazine Street Style shot by Holly Mcglynn, and photobooth shot with Kayla and Adora)

The rooftop was so colourful, with multicoloured tables, bunting, flowers and even a spot of astroturf (which is basically obligatory on rooftop gardens). The food on offer was absolutely amazing, and of course was the first thing we gravitated towards upon arrival. I felt we deserved it after climbing the what felt like hundreds of flights of stairs to reach it.
It was lovely to be able to just relax and chat with other bloggers and the wonderful ladies working at Company, all while catching the last rays of sun and being treated to manicures courtesy of Rimmel London.

After being coaxed away from the pretty rooftop, we all gathered downstairs to watch the 'Rising Stars' themselves perform. Company are incredibly supportive of new talent, and so took the opportunity of showcasing incredible new artists like Laurel and Rainy Milo. It was so lovely to be able to see them before they are famous - individuals spotted by Company have notoriously hit the big time a year or so after their feature, for example Rihanna, who the lovely editor Victoria told us was featured just after she released 'Umbrella'...and is now one of pop's most famous icons. Others include Nina Nesbitt, who was chosen last year, only to appear this year as a Company Magazine Cover star.

The event was really lovely, and I of course loved being able to spend it with two of my favourite blogging girls, Kayla and Adora, who definitely helped me enjoy it...I mean it would have looked a little odd if I had gone into both photobooths by myself. Also Kayla I apologise as I seem to have stolen your lemonade. *tries to telepathically send it to you*
I hope you are all having a good week...I have quite a few posts ready so I may be posting a little more frequently over this weekend and next week. Hugs

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Company Magazine Rising Stars Music Party
Company Magazine Rising Stars Music Party
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