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Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014

 I'm not sure where to begin with this post - yesterday evening was one of the most amazing experiences I've had (and by far the most exciting in connection with my blog) and if I'm completely honest my head is still in a bit of a muddle after the shock of actually winning 'Best Teen Style Blogger' in the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014!
It was a dream come true to even just be shortlisted for an award considering how much I admire Company magazine and all of the lovely people behind it, and so to win was quite literally mind-blowing, especially as there were so many other deserving bloggers present too. I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to follow this blog, comment on my posts and of course to those of you who voted - it really does mean the world (no matter how typical and cliché that sounds!)

I was quite nervous about being at such a big event with so many other people also into fashion, and so my outfit was a little last-minute as I took ages to decide what to wear. I opted for a shirt dress (worn as a jacket) and belt from Beyond Retro, with a vest from a car boot sale, shirt from Pop Boutique, skirt from Motel, tights from Topshop, shoes from Office and bag from Clobber. The whole ensemble was pretty much based around the jacket - I wanted to go with the yellow and green theme, and thought I may as well make it a tricolour event and threw my orange belt in too. I like the way the three colours and multiple patterns really clash together - clashing is seriously the way forward.
Anyway, before the awards I met up for a late lunch/early dinner in Nandos with the gorgeous Adora Mehitabel, who was also nominated for an award. It was so lovely to be able to vent my nerves with someone who totally understood how I was feeling. We then met up with lots of lovely ladies including Georgina from Notes La Mode, the girls from Our Cheap Frills, Jade-Jenna from Pure Vanity Photography, Joe from Unlimited by JK and the amazing Amy and Naomi from Two Shoes One Pair. 
The Oval Space itself (quite a big, plain building) had been completely done up for the evening, with a BBQ hotdog stand, ice cream, flowers galore and of course views of the sun setting over the city. The main hall was huge, with massive windows running down one side, and a sweet little balcony with deckchairs. It was a little oasis in the middle of the quite industrial-feeling East London, and really gave the night a lovely atmosphere.

The awards themselves were announced fairly early, which was a Godsend as my nerves were really starting to kick in, and it was just so hard trying to relax when you knew the night could have one of two very different outcomes.
Hosted by the gorgeous Becca Dudley, the presentation went smoothly, although I was surprised that quite a few of my friends didn't win in their category. The moment I heard my name read out I literally froze, and if it wasn't for the amazing Adora and everyone I probably would not have remembered to actually go up on stage to receive the award. The whole thing felt like a total out-of-body experience, and after being whisked off to do a little interview with Becca, I returned to the room feeling much like I was on another planet. I didn't really expect to win at all - I won't deny I was really hoping to, but considering the amount of amazing blogs I was up against I was quite sure I didn't stand a chance. It still hasn't really sunk in properly.

The rest of the night passed by in an excited blur. Everyone working at Company and all of the other bloggers were just so friendly and sociable, you couldn't really help but have a great time. It was lovely to be able to finally meet the people you have known online for ages, and for some reason everyone just seemed so bubbly and lovely in real life. I also met a number of new people who I can't wait to see again. It was lovely to see Jojo from Miss Jojangles Lilly from Fashion Scholar, Kayla Hadlington, Leanne from Thunder and Threads, Sinead from Hackney Rose, Lauryn from Lauryn's Notebook and Rachel from Rachel's Fashion Patch...plus so many more amazing people that I can't possibly list them all!
We were also all given a huge goodie bag filled with loads of cute treats, which I intend to eat/use as soon as possible (and probably all at once).
Instagram update...1) Joe, Georgina, Adora and I 2) Georgina and I with our new-found homegirl Elle 3) Me with my award taken by Becca Dudley 4) Polaroid of Rachel, her cousin and I from Rachel's instagram

It still feels like yesterday was a dream - I can't thank everyone at Company and you all enough for all the support, and for giving me this amazing opportunity! Huge hugs and much love

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Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014
Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014
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