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see the fire is sweeping our very street today

I love Fridays. Especially when the sun is shining and one more of my exams is over at last. I've had an incredibly relaxing afternoon painting flowers, drinking cranberry juice out of one of my many china teacups and reading snippets of my current book 'The Tale of Two Cities' by Charles Dickens. I'm enjoying it so far, although not much has happened yet. I was actually going to sit out on the little bit of roof outside my window but I abandoned that mission after realising the tiles probably wouldn't take my weight and I didn't particularly want to fall through the ceiling into the kitchen. It was a nice idea, though.
Anyway, this outfit was from Monday (I need to start posting outfits on the day and not like a week later I'm sorry) and as per usual I decided to go against multiple fashion commandments in order to complete the whole look. I have spent the vast majority of my life being told that you must never, ever wear double denim, and you must never, ever wear socks and sandals. If you haven't already noticed, I don't really like being told what to do when it comes to clothes, so on Monday I decided to break both rules in one outfit. Sue me.

I have had my eye on the super cute bralets from Motel for absolutely ages now, and so you can imagine how excited I was when I managed to get hold of this one from their sample sale. I like the bold, floral pattern combined with the soft leather - it gives a slightly edgier feel to what would be quite a kitsch, retro-style top. It is definitely on my list of things I absolutely have to wear to festivals this summer, and is going to be layered over many shirts and tops this winter too, I'm sure.
I wore it with Topshop jeans and socks, a Rokit jacket and shoes, belt, beads and sunglasses from Beyond Retro.

Despite not having my usual collar to adorn with jewellery (shock horror) I decided to wear multiple necklaces anyway. I love layering beads, and am looking forward to expanding my collection a little over this summer.

I bought these sandals for £14 from Beyond Retro in Brighton...I used to wear Birkenstocks when I was little, and I just couldn't resist the brightness of these ones. They're the kind of shoe people either really hate or really like - and to be honest, I can't dislike anything brightly coloured especially when they can be worn with so many different patterned socks. Also, they're kind of my take on the whole 'slider' trend. The original adidas sliders are great and all but I don't think they're quite my style, whereas a slightly kookier version like these are much more my thing.
Have a great weekend!

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see the fire is sweeping our very street today
see the fire is sweeping our very street today
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