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she is strung out on a TV dream

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a good weekend. I've literally only just woken up after having a 20 hour long day being a bridesmaid for my wonderful cousins yesterday, so I might spend the remainder of this day sprawled across my bed attempting maths revision (and probably napping). I'm not really the stay-in-bed sort, but I think it's necessary to have a duvet day at least once in a while. I also have several films I need to watch so maybe today is a good excuse to cross one or two off of my list.
Anyway, on Friday morning I was lucky enough to attend the Motel sample sale in London. I got down there as it started, and after a brief bit of queueing (I joined the first queue I saw and realised ten minutes later I hadn't actually checked if it was for Motel or not...it could have been a musical audition or something) we were let in and therefore let loose in a room full of gorgeous discounted Motel pieces. I obviously got very into it - panic shopping is a skill of mine, and I thoroughly enjoyed  quickly scanning the rails and trying to grab as many cute things as I could find.

 I knew I was going to be meeting up with some of the lovely Motel ladies and so got quite smartly dressed for 10am in the morning. I also had been dying to wear this outfit the other day but realised tights were not the best choice when going to get a pedicure. I guess the inspiration for this outfit was my ongoing love affair with the colour orange, and my new love interest, green. The two colours complement each other well I think and gave the day a distinctly 60's feel, although that could have been down to the white tights (which I am tempted to wear exclusively from now on). I wore my shirt from Pop Boutique in Covent Garden, my Beyond Retro skirt and belt, River Island coat, topshop tights and socks, Rokit shoes, necklace from Snooper's Attic in Brighton and narcissus flower pin from a stall in Camden Passage in Islington. The satchel is from The London Satchel Company.

The sale itself was actually really good - the pieces were all a lot cheaper, and they were selling nice things in normal sizes, and not the huge factory rejects you often find at similar events or pop up shops. I managed to find lots of the cute floral vintage pieces I had been really wanting, and for a really good price. I'm looking forward to wearing lots of clashing florals and prints this summer.

As you can see I'm still wearing the coat - after finding it in River Island last Christmas I have been completely and loyally in love with it, and have a feeling that it will take a long time for me to ever find another coat anywhere near as comfortable and perfectly yellow. It just goes to show that you need to look in all kinds of places and not just be one of those 'exclusively vintage' shoppers, as you could miss out on some amazing pieces from high street stores too. I like the idea of blending the lines between old and new, as it kind of creates a whole new style that hasn't been seen before.

I then got to meet the lovely people behind Motel, and they are all just so lovely and accommodating and interested in what they do (and obviously their fashion sense is A*). The wonderful Analise let me loose in their store downstairs, and I spent a good while looking through all of their fabulous pieces. Motel is probably the only brand I know that manages to combine vintage and retro with the highstreet so faultlessly; 60's print skirts and re-worked paisley prints sat comfortably next to modern co-ords and transparent plastic rain macs (of which I may have to purchase for the wonderful summer rain we are bound to have this year) without looking out of place - they combine traditional and off-beat shapes and styles with current trends, and basically are the place to go for pretty much all of your fashion wants and needs.

I was so lucky to be able to pick up so many lovely things, and I really appreciate Analise and the Motel team for being so generous and welcoming. I can't wait to wear it all (next outfit post sorted I think!)
In other news, I was bridesmaid for my two cousins yesterday. The wedding was really unusual in the sense that we walked down the aisle to the Game of Thrones theme tune, and had a tour of London on two vintage buses before going to the reception, but it completely and effortlessly worked in every way possible. The reception was held at the gorgeous Garden Museum underneath a ceiling of hanging dried flowers, with the floral theme carried through from our bouquets, to the table decorations and even to the bride's flower crown (which looked absolutely amazing and has made me want to wear flower crowns all the time from now on). It was a really lovely evening and I kind of wish it could happen all over again.

I hope you all have a good week (and good luck to anyone sitting exams!) and of course thankyou again to Analise and everyone at Motel for being amazing!

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she is strung out on a TV dream
she is strung out on a TV dream
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