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the gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind

Hello! I know I only posted the other day, but the sudden freedom summer has given me has allowed me to do a lot more during the week that I want to post about.
Yesterday was, in my opinion, one of those perfect summer days - you can't ever really plan them, they sometimes just creep up and unravel in front of you, hitting you like a wave of that so-called 'holiday feeling'...a sort of relaxed happiness that is really hard to put into words. I met up with two friends in the morning, and after eating lunch out on the heath we went swimming and sunbathing in the ladies ponds, which is basically a pond in the middle of the heath surrounded by trees and foliage (and so quite separate from the rest of the world) that women are allowed to swim in. It's completely natural water, and apart from the odd duck feather or beetle it is perfectly clean and crazily refreshing. After lazing in the sun for a while (obviously smothered in factor 50 sun cream...being pale is great) I caught the train down to meet my parents for a quick dinner out before I went into the Flower Crown workshop Mooi En Lief sent me to.
The brief was to create a flower crown that matched the pair of Pink Buckle Wellies they had sent me, and then photograph the outcome. I had no idea what to expect, but was happy to find the venue was a gorgeous little studio in a pretty street, which was full of flowers, inspiration (many Frida Kahlo pictures) props and decorations. The work table was prepped and ready for the course, with wires, Stemtex florist tape and scissors, and complimentary glasses of Prosecco or juice for thirsty visitors.

To make the crown, we had to first wrap a length of wire in Stemtex florist tape, before cutting and collecting our chosen flowers from the bunches provided. When cutting the flowers, you need a short length of stem along with the flower itself, which you then attach to your wire by wrapping and securing it tightly with the Stemtex tape. This is repeated along the wire, making sure all of the flowers are facing the same way. The crown can then be positioned and fixed around the head for wear. I started out with a sort of pattern, however I soon ended up improvising and just attaching all of the flowers I liked the most. I loved the finished effect, and loved the way there was no rules  - as with clashing floral patterns, there is no right or wrong combination as all sorts of different flowers look great together.
The course was held by The Flower Appreciation Society, a floristry business run by Anna and Ellie. They produce amazing fresh flower bouquets and pieces for weddings and special events, and also can be found making gorgeous crowns and headpieces at festivals such as Port Eliot and Wilderness. The course was so much fun and I feel as if I have really learnt something that I can definitely use again...I think I'm going to be wearing a lot of flower crowns this summer! The evening had a really lovely and relaxed feel, and I would one hundred percent go to another one, and recommend any other courses they run!

Using fresh flowers really worked well as they smelt amazing, and look so effective. Obviously this means they won't last forever - however this morning, mine is still in perfect condition, so there is no reason not to make one as they are worth the time and effort you put in. They don't actually take that long to make - the course ran for about an hour and we worked at quite a relaxed pace, so you could easily whip one up before a party or festival.

I was in a very summery mood yesterday, and so once again decided on an all-floral clashing outfit, which I think complimented the flower crown quite well. I wore a palm tree cropped shirt from Spitalfield's Market, a long-sleeved oversized floral shirt from the East End Thrift Store, and a blue floral skirt from Beyond Retro. The wellies are from Mooi En Lief (and are incredibly comfortable!)

I loved how big the crown was - I felt very much like a kind of Frida Kahlo/Lana Del Ray hybrid, and now feel slightly naked without it on my head. Using smaller flowers would make it less of a statement, or only working on a section to make it a small bunch of flowers would also work, however I just love the bold colour of the crown, and the impact it has on the viewer. It is really eye-catching and perfectly sets off an outfit, and would be perfect to help you stand out at festivals, especially when paired with a pair of wellies or similar that match!
Also, I loved the matching colour of my nails I had done on Wednesday courtesy of Rimmel London...I'm not a big nail polish wearer (art and textiles just ruin it) but this bright paint has really inspired me to wear crazy colours on my hands more often. It's the best encouragement to keep my nails looking nicer!

I really enjoyed the workshop and loved the crown...I think I am definitely going to make lots more this summer. Thankyou so much to Mooi En Lief for organising it for me and sending me the wellies, and to Anna and everyone at the Flower Appreciation Society for having me and putting on such a lovely workshop!

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the gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind
the gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind
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