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the sun through yellow curtains and a rainbow on the wall (Print Kitchen Giveaway)

Happy Sunday! Sunday is by far the best day of the week, especially in the summer when you no longer have to deal with that looming grey cloud that is school or work the next day. Sundays are designated relaxing days - time to see family, do chores, or sit outside and read the Sunday papers. With that in mind, I felt this Sunday was the perfect time to visit our local farmer's market and garden centre to pick up a few bits and pieces, and also simply to spend as much time out in the gorgeous sunshine (which is just so rare in London) as I possibly could.

As usual I opted for an outfit complied of numerous patterns and prints all thrown together. The shirt and shorts are both from To Be Worn Again in Brighton, and I love the way they very slightly go together (the green in the short's pattern is picked up by the green of the shirt, and the pink of the shirt's pattern is picked up by the pink of the shorts) but on the whole they clash completely (which in my books means they just have to be worn together). I wore them with beads from Snooper's Attic (also in Brighton), my Mum's old bag, Dad's old belt, Clothes Show shoes and Topshop socks.

I also loved the combination because of it contained clashing floral prints, which clashed even more with the surrounding flora I encountered in the garden centre. As mentioned in my Motel inspiration post, I adore floral prints and feel they are designed to be worn together. They are so summery, and also very on trend as shown in the above examples from Nina Ricci S/S14 and Matthew Williamson S/S14. (Both images from this post on Vogue.com). Basically, if you need ideas on how to wear floral prints, just look at real life flowers...there are no rules, the wilder the colours and the more mis-matched, the better!

My skills with plants have never really been anything to speak of - ever since I could walk I remember having this almost innate ability to kill any kind of flower, no matter how much I watered, fed or cared for it. Until recently I have not had much better luck, but then I discovered succulents whilst visiting Columbia Market and they have quite frankly changed my relationship with plants completely. I can finally keep plants for more than just a few days, and they actually are growing and everything...Cacti especially seem to need minimal green-fingered-skill and more of the basic ability to water them occasionally. This is totally ok with me and has led to my now expanding collection of succulents that are beginning to overflow out of my room and onto the window ledge outside. 
Another idea for other poor plant-keepers like me is to let the flowers dry...I have acquired several bottles and jam-jars of dried flower bouquets over the last few months and they really do look the part, and need no care whatsoever (I'm beginning to think I prefer them to the living things).

On the topic of Cacti, I have a giveaway for you! The lovely Karys of Print Kitchen sent me a super-cute Cacti print from her store, which I absolutely love. It came so quickly and in perfect condition - I have no idea how she managed to get it through the post without a single bend or mark!
Anyway, Print Kitchen is her online store selling handmade, original screen prints featuring all sorts of wildlife, objects and even the occasional Wes Anderson character. They are all incredibly well-priced at about £8 each, which I think is fantastic for a handmade, original piece of art - perfect to buy for yourself, or as a present for a family member or friend. Also, they're all limited edition - there are only about five copies of each design, so you will end up with an almost unique piece to adorn your house or room with. 

I really recommend that you check out Print Kitchen, and if you do you can get a 20% off discount if you enter the code RAVINTAGE20 at the checkout! Also, if you use the code, you will get a second (free!) mystery print as an extra! I hope you find some you like!

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the sun through yellow curtains and a rainbow on the wall (Print Kitchen Giveaway)
the sun through yellow curtains and a rainbow on the wall (Print Kitchen Giveaway)
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