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watch out the world's behind you

Hello! So I have finally finished exams and am now 100% officially free for the summer. I can't quite get it into my head that I don't have to work any more - it's almost daunting having so much free time, as I'm so worried that I'm going to waste it!
I've been pretty good and busy so far. I had my last exam on Friday and so after spending the majority of the afternoon celebrating with friends I headed off to Camden for an event, but ended up just trailing around the half-shut market. There's something so exciting about being somewhere that is usually busy when there is not many people around. The next day was similarly eventful, and after a super cute lunch out in a 40's fish and chip bar I got to wander around Shoreditch with my cousins, before spending the evening watching Absolutely Fabulous (which is my current obsession - not a day goes by where I don't watch at least one episode). Then, finally, today I had the coolest of days shooting with the amazing Ailera Stone in the Natural History Museum and around Covent Garden (but more on that later).

I wore my shirt from Blitz, shorts from Rokit, socks from Topshop, shoes from Clothes Show, sunglasses from Beyond Retro and jewellery from either my Mum, Brighton and Camden Passage. Although I love the hot weather, I find dressing for sunny days really difficult as I get hot way too easily, and so can't afford to wear all of my usual layers. I will probably live in outfits like this one over the next few weeks - but then again that could also be as I can finally wear my shorts again (for some reason unknown to man shorts are deemed inappropriate for school, even when it's over 25'C outside).

I am so excited for the Company Awards this Wednesday - it's definitely going to be a very surreal experience. I highly doubt I'll win up against so many amazing people, but I'm still really looking forward to meeting so many other bloggers. All I can say is either way, I will definitely have a very long post from the day to share with you.

 I will be back soon with a much more interesting post I promise! I also will hopefully have the pictures from today's shoot with Ailera (she is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see what they turn out like!)
Hope you are all having a good start to summer!

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watch out the world's behind you
watch out the world's behind you
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