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In the corner of the morning in the past

Hello! The photos for this post were taken absolutely ages ago (ok well only a  couple of weeks but that's long enough) but for some reason have just been floating around on my laptop for a long time while I posted other (more pressing) things. I'm having quite a relaxing day today though and so thought it was high time to get them up on the blog - especially as it's grey outside at the moment and the summery outfit I wore might hopefully encourage the sun to come out again...you never know.

It was quite a nice saturday and we had some fancy dress shopping to do before my Auntie's birthday the following week, so we went down to Camden Market for the morning to try and pick up the things we needed. Camden is just so great in the summer - full of interesting people and tourists, quirky goods spilling out from the myriad of stalls and shops all packed closely together. Fresh orange juice and icy lemonade is available on most street corners, and the smell of a hundred different food stalls is enough to give anybody an appetite. The market itself is the best place to get purposefully lost in, but I've begun to really appreciate the quality of the nearby shops and cafés that line the surrounding streets. There are a lot of nice cafés like the kind you'd find in Shoreditch, and a few smart little craft shops selling cute bits and pieces. 

We opted for lunch from Tower 47, a music-themed café which sold the most amazing hot bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes as well as a really good green smoothie (I can't remember it's contents exactly but am sure it had spinach and kiwi in it and tasted amazing). I love discovering cute places to eat - you feel like you are on holiday, and have somehow earned the meal as you've 'found' it...or maybe that's just me! I also have found that they always have so many more choices and nicer things on offer than the regular Starbucks or Costa Coffee...the food just tastes so much fresher and lighter. Writing this has made me really crave a hot cream cheese bagel now...
Anyway, we then went on to Islington for a stroll around Camden Passage. I just love the market as it's so small but full of so many interesting pieces.

Camden Passage really is the home of authentic antiques and vintage. Although expensive, the shops are so beautiful and definitely worth a visit, even though a lot of saving up would be needed if you wanted to purchase anything. The stalls themselves are much cheaper though, with all sorts of brooches, necklaces and earrings all at much more reasonable prices. There is also the best 50's milkshake parlour (Issy's Milky Way), some restaurants and a place for Bubble Tea...it really is the cutest place to spend an afternoon at.

My outfit was quite summery, and let me embrace my inner love of pastels. I wore my shirt from a car boot sale, dungarees from Beyond Retro, socks and shoes from Topshop and a bag from Rokit. The pigtails were a spontaneous decision - I am getting a little too obsessed with tying my hair with ribbons, and would love to use exclusively ribbon for all future hair styles. 

I wore a few of my current favourite pieces of jewellery - my pin and sandwich brooch was my Mum's when she was a teenager, and the locket was given to me by my cousin. I felt a little weird wearing an empty locket, and so it now holds a picture of my hero David Bowie. The best part being that I of course had the right size photo to hand (my room is something of a Bowie shrine). It makes for a good comeback when people ask what I have in there.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend...I'm pleased I've finally posted these (and will be even more pleased once I've posted the rest of the pictures I have from things like Prom etc). I've been quite busy with exciting things like shooting with the wonderful Kitty Gallannaugh (her facebook / blog) in Hyde Park and doing a shoot for Company Magazine, so hopefully will have lots to post on here over the coming weeks. I am also going to be on the judging panel for this moth's Shopcade Style Battle, which you can find out more about here

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In the corner of the morning in the past
In the corner of the morning in the past
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