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more like a beauty queen from a movie scene

 Hello! I've had a very busy (but very lovely) weekend working all day at the wonderful Hirst Antiques on Saturday, before driving down to Hereford on Sunday to catch up with some friends. I didn't realise at the time but it completely wore me out, and resulted in an eleven-hour power sleep which took me through to about midday yesterday. Oh well - I'm all bright-eyed and awake now though, and determined to try and get up to date with this blog again by posting another set of photos from about a month ago.
This is the outfit I wore to Prom, which according to wikipedia is 'a semi-formal dance or gathering of high-school students.' Ours was incredibly last minute as our school (being typically English and entirely uninterested in anything that may cause even mild excitement in students) decided they were not going to have anything to do with the organisation of it, even though we had our exams for the months leading up to the proposed Prom time and so had almost no hope of doing it ourselves. It looked like we were not going to have one at all, but thankfully a group of the awesomest girls on the planet managed to book, plan and haul the entire thing together in about two days time. My friends and I were of course pretty ecstatic at this news as although we were not expecting it to be the party of the year, the idea of dressing up, dancing and just having a cute evening with our year group seemed to us like the best way to end our time at the main school before moving on to sixth form.

The last minute planning of the whole event meant that we only had a day to get our dresses, so my friends and I went on a mission into central London determined to each get the perfect outfit. I knew I wanted a vintage number, and already had my heart set on my favourite Beyond Retro - but after rummaging through their soho store for a good half an hour, I began to doubt whether I'd be able to find one at all. I was just about to make a very sulky exit when I caught a glimpse of pale yellow out of the corner of my eye, and upon investigation discovered the cutest little yellow and lace dress hidden in-between a rail of sweaters. I knew instantly that I had found 'the one,' and rushed off to try it on, where I found it fit me perfectly (though I am sure even if it hadn't I would have bought it anyway). My friends all managed to get what they wanted too, and on the way home I even found a yellow flower garland in Camden Market for £3 that perfectly matched the dress. As you can imagine, I was a very happy bunny - and reassured in the fact that whatever you want, Beyond Retro will have.

The bag and shoes were another last-minute addition, and found on the morning of Prom, after I went on a desperate trip to Brick Lane as I could not find a single pair of white shoes. I finally managed to find a pair that fit me in a shop called Found, Loved on Cheshire Street, and picked the bag up from Rokit. The shoes were slightly patterned which went well with the lace of the dress, and the heel was so tiny that I was able to dance the entire night without any complaints of blisters or numb toes. The bag didn't actually come with me on the evening in the end, but has been used with many other outfits since and has become something of a summer staple. The shawl is something I have had in my room for years, and I'm not entirely sure where it came from.

Makeup wise, I opted for my usual pale, matte complexion (powder is my power tool), softly filled in eyebrows (Benefit Brow Zings in light...once you've used it you'll never go back to pencil, or any other product for that matter), a natural pink and slightly coral lip and liquid eyeliner. I used a silvery glitter eyeshadow and a felt tip liner, with my usual thick black mascara. I like to go for a fairly natural look everywhere except my eyes, which for occasions such as Prom I like to have dark and accentuated. On the whole I tend to avoid blusher as I go red naturally, and as I don't wear much skin makeup (concealer around the T-Zone and then translucent powder everywhere else) this comes through anyway. I kept the jewellery to a minimum as I knew I would be dancing, and so wore my locket and a pair of small gold hoops.

Prom itself was such a cute evening. I got ready with my friend Jazzy listening to the Ziggy Stardust record, then got a lift round to school where we met up with everybody else. The music was mainly old hits that everybody loved, and it was so lovely to be so exam and care free, dancing with the people you've now known for five years and just enjoying the moment and not worrying about the future in any way. It all sounds terribly cliché but it really was a lovely evening, and although I didn't take many pictures (it's hard to photograph whilst doing an exaggerated dance to Michael Jackson) there are a few I found on facebook that I may as well share with you guys.

I hope you all have a lovely week, and I will be back soon with one last last-month post before I can get back posting more recent things! Love

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more like a beauty queen from a movie scene
more like a beauty queen from a movie scene
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