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now she's stupid in the street and she can't socialise

Sunday was a peaceful day - I spent the morning at Columbia Road flower market, the afternoon eating pineapple and watching documentaries for psychology, and the evening looking at holiday photos and barbecue-ing with family.  It's strange how into psychology work I've been. At first the idea of summer homework seemed like hell on earth, but the subject actually seems to be really interesting and has made me realise just how much I don't know about my own brain. My particular favourites have been the idea of attachment, and after watching the study of Curtiss and Genie I am fascinated by the whole idea that even things like chewing food, making eye contact, walking upright and talking are not things we inherit naturally and are born being able to do. I also loved the idea of 'Savants', people with incredible memory and intelligence (such as Kim Peek who inspired the film Rainman). To think that a tiny difference in our brains can give a person such an amazing skill and almost power is incredible. I've also started my art at last, and although I am still struggling for ideas (observation drawings based on the word 'good', anybody?) I have at least got a few pieces done. Who knows, this could be the first year I manage to do all my summer work on time...
(Also, I apologise for the awful photo spacing...for some reason it won't let me change it ugh)

I wore a slightly too-summery outfit for the slightly less-summery weather, but was typically happy as I got to wear my new American Apparel skirt and socks. The skirt was half price in the sale and is the colours I wear most, so of course I had to have it...and the fishnet socks had to happen too as I have been craving them ever since seeing an old photograph of my Aunt wearing a turquoise pair under her high-waisted, indigo denim Levi's, that matched the turquoise of her polo neck jumper. I seriously want a pair in every colour. The top is from H&M and the shoes from Office. 
Also, I finally got myself a sunhat! My crazily pale skin has finally got the better of me, and after burning my scalp (how?) I decided I really needed to just give in and protect my head a little more. I found this one in Beyond Retro and was so happy with it mainly because it's pretty big, and I've never been one for subtlety. 

Columbia Road was just as I'd remembered - bright, busy and beautiful in equal measure. The flowers smell amazing and bring such a vibrancy to the street, and the gorgeous independent shops offer perfect refuge from the crowds when they arrive. We managed to beat them this time, though, and the trick really is to get there early - you get the best pick of the flowers and no hot, compact throng of people to tackle. I bought a few more cacti and various other succulents to decorate my little workroom with, and found a cut-down vintage blue floral Laura Ashley smock dress in a £10 box in my favourite Jessie & Buddug which I just couldn't leave. I also bought one of their 'mystery packs', which contained a gorgeous vintage photo album that I can't wait to fill with cute little treasures.

Anyway, I better update you on the other bits and bobs going on in my life...I met up with the Shopcade team for dinner on Monday, and am so excited to be a part of their July Style Battle, which you can enter and find out more about here. I've also been watching Orange is the New Black obsessively, which is really unlike me as I'm not a huge series-watcher (I don't sit still for very long). Also, yesterday the lovely Amber Callender and I shot a series of cute photos in and around the Natural History Museum for Zeum Mag, and spent a very long time trying to get butterflies to land on me in the exhibition (I eventually got one, but they definitely preferred Amber's dungarees to my shoulder). 

I hope you are all having a good week...I'm planning on going on a central London crawl tomorrow to pick up the last few bits for my holiday, although it will probably result in me hiding from the sun in various shops (being pale is hard). Have a good weekend!

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now she's stupid in the street and she can't socialise
now she's stupid in the street and she can't socialise
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