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because everything that you said rings true

At the start of the summer I met up with the wonderful Kitty Gallannaugh to do a little shoot in Hyde Park. I'd seen her work previously and loved her dreamy, vintage style, something I find quite hard to achieve myself with my own photography. It was a lovely experience as I was very free to style the shoot myself and wear my own clothes and do my own makeup, making the photos look as natural as they felt to take. I often feel I need a lot of direction in front of the camera as I never know how to pose, but Kitty's gentle suggestions and cute little props like milkshakes and cameras made it seem so much easier than usual. Being out and about in Hyde Park was fun enough in itself, and is definitely somewhere I would shoot again (so many flowers ah).

The first outfit I wore was a shirt from Beyond Retro and shorts from To Be Worn Again in Brighton, with socks and shoes from Topshop. The patterns were a little crazy together but I quite liked the way they stood out from the backdrops we chose.

I also discovered that I must secretly speak goose or something as whilst trying to take the above picture I thought I would try and coax a few more geese into the shot...and then ended up with almost every goose possible swimming towards me because they must have thought I had food or something. I do like geese but that many coming towards you is a little daunting. 

The second outfit was my pink Beyond Retro dungarees and cute Motel Rocks gypsy crop top. I love wearing small cropped tops under dungarees as you still feel quite feminine and less hot in the sun but much more comfortable than you do with your whole stomach on show all day. 

This feels like the perfect time to post these as they kind of personify all of the aesthetics I've been feeling recently. For example it is still summer, or is supposed to be, but the hot weather has started to fade away now and the structure and routine of sixth form is beginning to loom over me like it always does when September rolls around. The dreamy, almost nostalgic feel of the shoot makes me think about this summer and all of the freedom I am going to miss when I start back at school...travelling back and forth on the underground, reading on the roof in the sun, staying up all night with friends and then hanging out with them again the next day as if we haven't seen each other in weeks. This summer has been so long even though it seemed to go by so fast, but I enjoyed almost every second of it so I can't really be too upset now that it is nearly over. 

I had such a lovely day with Kitty - she is such a sweet person to work with and is of course incredibly talented when it comes to photography. It was so nice to meet someone similarly crazy who doesn't judge my love of dancing about in flowers (which I do way too often). Hopefully we will be working together again soon...and I hope you liked these photos! 
Check out Kitty's website, blog and post about this shoot!

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because everything that you said rings true
because everything that you said rings true
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