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just let me hear some of that rock and roll music

 It really doesn't feel like a week since my last post - fashion week was all a bit of a blur and it's taken some time to adjust back into the calmer, more structured routine of college. I like being back though, I like my subjects and it's quite nice not to have the constant pressure of updating this page / social media that you have when you go to events like last week. Instead I've been attempting to keep on top of my schoolwork, listening to my Beatles Rock 'n' Roll Music record that I adopted from my Aunt's old collection and failing to keep my room neat (I seem to have an ongoing floordrobe issue that does seriously need addressing).
Anywho, this last weekend was actually a really good one - the sort of weekend you wish would come at the end of every long and tiring week. I saw The Riot Club with some friends on Friday evening, and although I really disliked the subject matter and wasn't expecting it to end so soon, I thought it was worth seeing as it's the first film I've ever seen to show the wealthy in such bad light, and possibly unearth a few things regular people have not yet been aware of about the sort of people that currently run our country.
I then went to the Victoria and Albert museum on Saturday for lunch, and to try and get some drawing practice for art. Our current project is on anatomy and I really want to actually learn to draw a little better...we've been doing life drawing in class, but I found drawing from the statues at the museum just as helpful (if not better as they didn't move!) I then met some friends for the evening, and was woken up the next day to find out my cousin had her gorgeous little baby while I had been sleeping. The remainder of my Sunday was spent making fabric bunting for the little one, visiting him and his mum in hospital and then going out for celebratory pizza with the rest of the family. A weekend well spent, in my opinion.

The V&A is probably one of my favourite place to go to in London for several reasons: it's free to get in, meaning you feel better about paying for the exhibitions that are always on, it's bright, airy and has an amazing café/restaurant, and has the best collection of artwork, fashion displays and textiles, photography, pottery and all sorts of artefacts from around the world. I personally see it as an art gallery, but one that displays a range of art forms, and not just simply oil paintings. I've found it to be really helpful over the years with both art and textiles, and like just sitting and drawing in one of the many benches or chairs scattered around. There is also a whole host of patterns in everything, from fabrics to tiles and china, so as you can imagine it's like a sort of heaven for me.

I spent the time getting some art done, trawling through the pieces on show and then getting in to the Horst exhibition for free because of the art pass my parents bought me for my birthday (which is in a few months...the early bird gets the worm, I suppose). There are always amazing exhibitions on, for example my absolute favourite David Bowie one a year or so ago (I nearly cried it was that good). This one was no exception, and is really worth seeing as I never realised just how big a role Horst played in the development of Vogue, fashion photography and style in general. The way he captures light in his photographs is amazing, and of course the clothes are incredible.

I was quite pleased to find my outfit matched the museum's aesthetics fairly well, as I am a bit obsessed with patterns/colours and any sort of matching whatsoever. I wore a shirt from Blitz, tights from H&M, socks and bag from Topshop, shoes from Rokit and my new favourite Francesca dress which was sent to me from the lovely people at Boden. I'd had some Boden clothes when I was little, but wasn't aware of the range of pieces they still do for teenagers and adults. I couldn't resist the schoolgirl vibe of this dress, and loved the smock-like fit and button-up detail. It's definitely going to be an autumn staple for me - it's so comfy I'm going to need to be coaxed out of it. I also wore my fox necklace from Tatty Devine. I'm a huge fan of the brand, and foxes are sort of my spirit animal as we share a hair colour. It's such a sturdy and reliable piece that just seems to go with everything I own...I think that could be said of all of their collections, though, as however bold or creative something is, they always find a way to make it just the right colours, design and size to still be a practical and wearable piece of jewellery. 

 Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely week! I will be back posting a little more normally soon, and hopefully will do a little LFW recap at some point just to round up on all the madness (and day 5 which I didn't manage to post about!)

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just let me hear some of that rock and roll music
just let me hear some of that rock and roll music
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