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got me a movie, I want you to know

The past couple of weeks have been so different from usual; it has felt so much more like summer, in a sense, as I've been much more free with schoolwork and routine and have found myself on a number of spontaneous outings just like I used to do in August. Weekends have been busier and yet somehow peaceful, from nighttime bus rides and getting lost multiple times to encounters with a group of dancing men on the underground, to post-sleepover pancakes and American Horror Story in bed, catch-ups over banana milkshakes in local caf├ęs and trailing around nearby woods on Sunday mornings. Even the weeks have been eventful, from making life-size heads out of clay in art to having no teacher and wrapping everyone in our class up in masking tape. I haven't had that much time to take proper pictures to post on here, but after arriving home today to some lovely back to school things from Urban Outfitters and Mi-Pac I thought I might as well.

Today's aesthetics were very 70s art school, with my floaty patterned shirt dress from Beyond Retro and cute new shoes from Deichmann. I've been desperate for a pair of ankle height Dr Martens for what feels like forever, and so when I was sent these babies I was quite literally over the moon. They haven't left my feet since and I have begun to wonder what I did before I had them (ignore the clay, they are a little dusty from art still).
I knew Urban Outfitters were going to send me a few pieces for going back to school, but I was not expecting so many! Tapestry is becoming a bit of a new obsession for me and so I was absolutely in love with the two floral tapestry bags from Mi-Pac, both which will be very useful for sixth form, and for the few weekends away I have planned before Christmas. The pencil case is also very useful, as I am still stubbornly using my 1940s Staedler tin even though it barely fits essentials! There was also a mug (complete with biscuit pocket!) candle, notepad and super cute ceramic fruit box, which is perfect for storing little odds and ends in.

I can't thank Urban Outfitters and Mi-Pac enough for the lovely things, I'm sure they will be seen frequently from now on in various posts on this page! They will also be very handy at college (who knows, I might actually start being organised from now on!)
I hope you all have a lovely week,

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got me a movie, I want you to know
got me a movie, I want you to know
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