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I can feel it's beginning to end

Hello! I apologise for the lack of regular posts on here at the moment - fashion week was amazing, but left me completely drained and ready to hide from cameras/clothes/makeup for at least a few weeks. I've been enjoying stepping back from it all, and have enjoyed taking a break from constantly updating social media (which I know is hypocritical of me to dislike). I'm getting back in to the swing of things now though, and have a few exciting things coming up over the next few months which should hopefully provide me with enough to write here. I'm also starting my first job in a few weeks - I'm going to be working all day every Saturday down in Hirst Antiques in Notting Hill, which I am really looking forward to as there is not much better than being surrounded by amazing jewellery and interesting people all day. I've also been given the chance to be a resident blogger for the next few months at Mod Dolly, and my first post should be up at some point this week.
These photos are all from the latest issue of Miss Robin magazine, which I shot back in the summer with the super talented Ailera Stone. The theme was 'postcards', and so we decided to try and capture the idea of a girl lost in London, with a little vintage/Moonrise Kingdom kind of twist. Ailera manages to take such dreamy photos in pretty much any setting, and so we had an amazing day running around the Natural History museum, Neal's Yard and Covent Garden, with a few coffee-shop outfit changes (of course).

It was lovely being able to take photographs in the museum itself, and reminded me of one of my favourite posts on Yours Truly. The lighting was perfect in most of the rooms, and it provided us with a much better backdrop than we would have found just on the street. In this first outfit I wore a Beyond Retro shirt, car boot sale vest, Rokit skirt, shoes and bag, and Topshop tights and socks.

I'd been a fan of Ailera's work for a while, and had seen her photographs with other bloggers as well as just cropping up on my instagram feed every now and again. I loved the dreamy, analog quality she manages to capture even without editing, and the way she captures colour and tone. It was so lovely getting to work with such a nice person, and getting to run about all over London with someone who likes to take photos and capture moments as much as I do. 

The second outfit was a Beyond Retro skirt, Rokit shirt, my Mum's old jacket and accessories as before. There are a whole other set of photos from this day but I will save them for another post! You can buy the magazine here. Have a lovely week!

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I can feel it's beginning to end
I can feel it's beginning to end
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