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the edge of seventeen

I know I only posted yesterday but I'm going to forget to post these until next year or something if I don't put them up now. Also, I hope to have lots of new posts from Halloween tonight and my birthday tomorrow (eep - I am currently on the edge of seventeen and feeling like Stevie Nicks). I can't quite get over the whole 'seventeen' thing - it sounds way too old for my short and odd little self.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I went to Swanage for the weekend, as my family has recently rediscovered the Dorset coast and so tend to try and get down there for a little holiday as often as possible. I also am ridiculously obsessed with coastal towns - I love the British seaside and all it's shabby, windswept promenades, candy-floss smelling piers and noisy arcades. The Dorset coastline is a somewhat calmer and more peaceful coastline compared to the busy-ness of somewhere like Brighton, but I think that's what I like about it most. I spent the time strolling along the beach, eating in cute seaside cafés, and doing the obligatory charity-shop crawl (you just have to take advantage of how much cheaper they are outside of London!)

I wore my new favourite shirt from Beyond Retro that I am quite literally obsessed with, with a skirt from American Apparel, coat from Topshop and my usual Deichmann shoes and Rokit bag. I also braved red lipstick again (which I love but continue to get all over my face/teeth when I wear it out).

Swanage itself was really pretty - we stayed in a hotel that looked like a sort of castle, and had the cutest grounds and a greenhouse. There was also a good charity shop which had jumpers and roll-neck tops for £2, and a second hand bookshop I spent about three hours in. We also found a café on an old train carriage, which sold the most amazing cake (as you can imagine we went back on the second day we were there as well).

Sorry for the quick little post, I will improve (I have so much film to develop you have no idea). Have a good weekend and a awesome Halloween tonight...I am dressing up as Wayne from Wayne's World so I'm sure it will be an entertaining evening!

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the edge of seventeen
the edge of seventeen
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