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you always were the one that knew

So it's half term at last. I don't think I can say it's exactly been a 'break'...with essays due during the week, exhibitions to see, people to meet and about eight pages of art to do, the holiday has certainly been busy. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing though - I quite like having things to do, and going to bed feeling as if I've spent my day actually being productive (something I can't say I am all the time during my usual school weeks). 
The holiday started for me with a noodle-eating and American-Horror-Story-watching evening in with my friend, then a trip down to central London the next day to go fabric shopping for some christmas bits and bobs I am making for the family. I wore the cosiest, cutest white shift dress from Superdry, with the brightest red Beyond Retro cardigan and my now staple Rokit bag and Deichmann shoes. I wasn't sure if Superdry would really have anything that suited my style, but they definitely proved me wrong when they sent me this number. I loved the shape and cute detailed neck of the dress, and was amazed that it came from the high-street considering how vintage it looks. In other news, I have recently discovered red lipstick, and am loving wearing the brightest one possible to clash with my pale skin, and am also loving 90s-esque high ponytails, which I have also recently discovered and have started to wear most days.

In other news, I saw the Gothic exhibition at the British Library (which is so helpful if you're taking A-Level English) and then on Tuesday met up with some of the awesomest girls (Hollie, Ophelia, Theo, Ibe, Agnes, Dani, Harriet) and spent the day strolling through Soho and China town. I used up almost a full disposable so there will be a separate post just from that day.
Also, I was sent an amazing Casio Sheen watch to review! The Casio Sheen collection are a range of light, sleek and slightly smaller and less in-your-face watches for women, with Swarovski elements to make it that little bit more than just an ordinary watch. I loved the light weight and clean, sharp finish - it was a huge change from my usual scratched, once-gold-coloured slip-on watch that I've been wearing for the last three or so years. I love the range and would definitely recommend one, even possibly as a christmas present for a parent or friend.

So that concludes my very short post, I have a few longer and more interesting ones on the way (I will organise myself at some point I promise). I hope you have a lovely Halloween and weekend, and thank you again Casio for the watch, and Superdry for the dress!

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you always were the one that knew
you always were the one that knew
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