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if we were born to hesitate

It's been such a long time since I actually sat down to write a post here. I wouldn't go so far as to say I had lost motivation, as I don't really think that it takes motivation exactly to keep a blog going. In truth, I just haven't had the time I used to have - college does take a hell of a lot of my free time, and usually when I'm not working I try and spend evenings and weekends with friends or doing art or something more productive. Also, after fashion week, I felt a little as if my blog was just getting too commercial and cliché - I want my posts on here to be creative or inspiring myself to be creative, not worn out, surface-level generic outfit posts and advertisements. Not that I think that's a bad thing - some blogs post daily, but manage to keep their posts interesting and worthwhile, whereas mine I felt were becoming a little lacking and very depthless. I am kind of pleased I took an accidental break, and am looking forward to sharing my explorations with film photography, art work, outfits and inspiration more over the coming months with a new sense of creativity, not structured or scheduled and taking everything meaningful out of it. In short, I will post more regularly and hopefully with much better content.

Anyway, I recently got my film developed that I've had on the go in my Zenit for a month or two. I quite like the idea of taking a few pictures every now and again, so the film you develop spans a long period of time, and reminds you of trivial events and peaceful days you might otherwise have forgotten about. The three pictures above were taken more recently, just before work one saturday. I wore a shirt from Blitz, cardigan and skirt from Beyond Retro, jacket and bag from Rokit, and shoes from Asos. I work now in an antique jewellery store on saturdays and love the fact I can wear anything - we are encouraged to wear as many pieces of amazing costume jewellery as we can during the day, and so it's quite fun trying to choose an outfit that will go well with statement earrings and crazy vintage brooches and big necklaces. We also get so many well-dressed customers that make it the perfect place for a bit of wardrobe (as well as jewellery) inspiration.

From an early morning walk a few weeks ago...we now have the cutest little puppy and so will soon be doing this more often, which I'm looking forward to as nothing feels better than walking in fresh heath air and drinking nutty hot chocolate on a winter morning.

I spent the weekend in Swanage a month or so ago, and used most of the film there. I love the English seaside and like the way film captures the grey, shabby side as well as the sunny side of the coastline. I also love how unpredictable it is - some of these pictures could be taken using a digital, whilst others have come out with that antique, grainy edge that make them look as if they were taken in the forties. If I could I would shoot everything on film all the time.

(The best part of the above photo being the fact that the dog isn't ours - we accidentally befriended it and then it decided to follow us).

(Jumper - Rokit / Trousers - Asos Marketplace / Sunglasses - Camden Market)

Anyway, back to the present day -  I am currently sitting reminiscing whilst writing about these pictures, drinking ginger and cinnamon tea and listening to Metronomy (I'm seeing them on friday and am so so so excited...trying to make sure I know all lyrics etc before the day arrives). I also bought tickets to go and see Peace in February and actually cannot contain my excitement. The thought of seeing them live again is just too much.
In other news, I saw the Egon Shiele Radical Nude exhibition at the Courtauld gallery today - I'd been meaning to pop down for ages but only today managed to actually go. It was really good...his pieces are so ahead of his time and still so controversial, despite current culture being so different to the culture of the time his work was originally received. It's a very small show but so worth seeing, even just to get to see something so exposing and raw in a fine art gallery.

 I wore my embroidered Topshop jeans that I've had since I was 12, glittery Topshop socks, jumper from Polomocha on Etsy, Deichmann shoes and fur coat from a market in Oxford ("nothing matters when you're wearing fur..."). I have a bit of a thing for mustard / yellow knitted jumpers at the moment, and am now the proud owner of three (all in different a mustardy shade). This one was from my current favourite Etsy store, Polomocha - it's based in Canada, but postage isn't expensive and everything is really well priced. I've ordered so much from there recently.
Finally, last but not least, I was sent some herbal teas from the lovely Teatox to try, and haven't had the chance to review them until now. As a big tea person I drink a minimum of four or five cups a day, and way more if I have a day in, so fitting the morning and night blends in with my daily routine felt completely natural. Waking up to a refreshing, cleansing cup of nettle, green and lemongrass tea with goji berries has made my mornings so much better, and I've definitely felt healthier for it. The evening blend is just as satisfying: calming rooibos, peppermint, hibiscus and elderflower makes for the best way to get to sleep. I've been religiously drinking both for about two weeks now and I absolutely love both. You can buy your own here.

 Have a good week!

-Ellie x

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if we were born to hesitate
if we were born to hesitate
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