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christmas christmas christmas

I had such a good Christmas this year. It was definitely over too soon, but I think I made the most of it while it lasted. I spent the day before walking back and forth from snappy snaps twice to pick up developed photos, before sprawling on the sofa to eat popcorn and watch Wayne's World 2 with some pals (which was a fantastic decision as I love that movie and popcorn is always a good idea). Christmas morning was spent being woken up (the joys of being a teenager with no body clock whatsoever) opening presents and eating cinnamon porridge I bought from Selfridge's on our annual christmas Selfridge's visit. We then went to my Aunt's house to spend the rest of the day with family, which was lovely and traditional and christmassy. The festivities carried on way into Saturday, which I spent prancing around the shop in a tiara and eating amazing homemade mince pies. Now unfortunately the realisation that my mocks are next week has finally hit me, and I have entered into a mad panic trying to memorise the whole of Jane Eyre, about 15 Yeats poems and about a billion case studies and dates for psychology. Oh, the joys of A levels are truly endless.
The above two pictures are from the shoot I did with Ailera Stone in the summer. The rest can be seen here.

As you probably know I met up with Opi, Ibe, Hollie, Theo, Agnes, Dani and Harriet last half term and spent the day wandering around Soho. I used up a whole roll of film and the pictures were so co-ordinated and end-of-summer looking but somehow I managed to lose the entire thing, half-term and halloween pictures included. I haven't forgiven myself just yet. I did manage to steal these few from Agnes (above) although I am still living in hope that I will one day find the ones I took. (I have no idea what I am doing in the last one).

I am still quite proud of myself for keeping on using film so much recently though. For some reason I record so much more on film than I do even on my phone, and as you know I have a bit of an obsession with documenting and remembering everything. I just like the thought that all the things I have done this year can be found in my little stash of photos, to remind me of even really trivial events that I might have otherwise forgotten. These are all from the Christmas holidays.

My christmas and boxing day outfits were a little thrown-together (as are all of my outfits I guess). For Christmas I wore a skirt and cardigan from Beyond Retro with a shirt dress from Clothes Show, socks from Topshop and new shoes (eep) from The Whitepepper which I have been obsessing over for months. I also wore a little brooch from Dear Rose, With Love. On Boxing day I wore a Beyond Retro cardigan and same skirt, with an Elvis t-shirt from a shop in Soho and a scarf from Blitz.

In other news I received the loveliest Christmas present from Rumour PR, which was made up of the loveliest things from Rigby & Mac, The National Portrait Gallery, Anorak, Thornback & Peel and Mary Kilvert. It was such a nice surprise and reminded me to send mail more often.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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christmas christmas christmas
christmas christmas christmas
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