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a tree that grows hearts

Exams have started again! I guess I can't really complain as I only have three, compared to the nine or so I had last year. It's still a drain though, but my hardest is now over so I'm planning on taking the evening off to de-stress a little before spending tomorrow desperately trying to teach myself an entire term's worth of psychology. Despite A Levels definitely being harder than GCSE, I have had so much more free time recently, meaning I have caught up on loads of films I had previously not seen, like The Life Aquatic, Harold and Maude, High Fidelity, We Are The Best!, Blue Velvet and Ghost World, pretty much all of which I really liked.
Anyway, this post is a little disjointed as the photos are from my family's traditional pre-christmas Selfridges trip, on which I bought porridge. Just porridge. From Selfridges. Right. (It was seriously good porridge - like cinnamon and spice porridge if that justifies it a little more). I was having a spontaneously colourful day - recently I've become much more toned-down with my outfits, generally opting for autumnal colours and less layers simply because doing art at school / trudging out to buy lunch / coming home to fall asleep on the floor (that actually happened) just isn't practical whilst wearing a gazillion layers and all of my latest bizarre charity shop finds at once. Looking at it now this outfit was a little revert back into my older style, which was quite nice and comfortable (weirdly I am still more comfortable in colours and patterns than I am in jeans and a t-shirt).

(Jacket: Rokit / Top: Blitz / Shirt: Blitz / Parrot Brooch: Dear Rose With Love / Skirt: Camden Market / Shoes: Asos / Earrings: Bill Skinner (from Hirst Antiques) )
The outfit is also a slight variation on what I wore to meet Sinead all those many years ago. It feels like such a long time ago now; even though it's only been like two years (that is ages actually) I feel like a completely different person. I pretty much look the same though, unfortunately my plan to suddenly blossom into a mature 17 year old didn't come into fruition and I still remain a somewhat pocket-sized elf with the face of a 12 year old. Here are a few lil' pics from Sinead for comparison:

I must admit I miss the flower crown. That was probably my favourite part of Reading festival: being able to wear flowers and glitter all day, every day as if that was totally normal. I would love to live like that. Then again, we were having the discussion at work the other day of when it was the 'right time' to wear a tiara, and I found out that apparently Vivienne Westwood wears hers every day on her bike, claiming that all the time is the right time to wear one. If that is true, it seriously proves why she is my complete life icon and also proves that it is ok to wear flower crowns all the time because if Vivienne says it's fine, it's fine.

Other than film-watching, attempting to revise and managing to accumulate the biggest pile of papers and mess all over my desk, I have also been trying to do more art / journalling as it's one of my resolutions to try and get more done (especially as I have joined Georgie's new art collective!!) I also bought a new journal for the start of 2015, so here are a few photos of last year's before I put it away for a while (I like not looking at them for months and being really surprised remembering the things I did/recorded in them).

I hope you are all having a good week, and if you are back at school / doing mocks I feel your pain! I personally have found eating lots of kiwis and dancing expressively around my room to Bjork has really helped. Anyway, I will be back with a more interesting / better written post I promise. Much love.

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a tree that grows hearts
a tree that grows hearts
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