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I'd give up city life

I have been in such a good mood recently. For some reason the January blues haven't really hit me this year...I've been too busy slightly panicking about schoolwork, aggressive journalling and spending almost all of my free time dancing around my bedroom to cheesy 80s music. I've started getting in to the routine of work on a Saturday, and have finally started working on my art properly (ok the deadline has already passed but still).  Not much else has happened really since my last post...I bought an ankle length camel-coloured coat which I can't wait to wear, discovered my slightly obsessive love for Gustav Klimt and wandered back and forth from snappy snaps with a silly amount of partly destroyed film. I've liked this January so far.

These photos are from a few Saturdays ago. I usually dress up a little smarter than usual for work, as I get to wear the jewellery we sell so it's nice to wear something I can match cool pieces to. If I catch a lift in the morning and I'm early I can sometimes take some pictures before I start, like these ones. I wore a Rokit jumper and backpack, Beyond Retro skirt and belt, and River Island coat. I've been meaning to (and will) take this skirt up to make a cute little 60s mini skirt, but I just haven't had the chance yet! I've added it to my growing pile of things I want to alter, so you never know I might attempt to sort it out soon...who knows?

In other news, I have been using a roll of film on my Zenit for the last few weeks but managed to get it all caught up inside my camera plus expose almost the whole thing while trying to fix it. After removing it in the cellar aka my makeshift darkroom and taking round to snappy snaps in an old tin that once stored my green tea I was certain nothing would come out at all but somehow I got seven pictures back, which is an achievement considering how many things I managed to do wrong in the process. The first was from Ed's Diner with Opi and Hollie, and the rest are from taking my little puppy for her first walk in the park. I kind of love the way you never know what film will come out like - there's something so exciting about finding a real gem of a photo (like the one above) as you can never guarantee any will come out the way you imagined they would.

^ Some January journal pages. I've been trying to journal more just as it really helps me with art...I tend to make collages with magazines / pictures from tumblr and write up playlists I've been listening to on 8tracks.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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I'd give up city life
I'd give up city life
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