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chemically so heavenly

For some reason this term has felt both ridiculously short and painfully slow at the same time. I feel almost as if I've spent the last few weeks living out of a suitcase, you know like when you go on holiday and you're not staying long enough to unpack properly, remaining slightly separate from your surroundings and never settling down completely. It also feels as though Christmas was yesterday, which is weird. I think I really need this half term, though, to take a step back and sort my head (and piles of unorganised notes) out a little before going back to school again.

February has, so far, matched up to my peaceful January, and has brought with it a few nice things such as seeing Peace a few nights ago and doing a piece for Rokit's website. These photos are from the piece, which was a three ways to wear 70s style feature. I wore a vintage knit jumper from Brighton and Asos shoes. The necklace (inspired by my constant dressing up whilst working at Hirst Antiques) was from the Vintage Kilo Sale I went to a few weeks ago.

(coat from Topshop)
The Rokit piece is now up on their blog here.
In other news, I finished another disposable. I've taken to having one on me almost all the time, and love the fact that I can document so many minor incidents in my life when I have one to hand. The one I used here was a Kodak fun saver, and was actually one of the best disposables I've used for a while (I've been through almost every type available from Snappy Snaps or Boots).

From first to last: Morning park walks + Barbara Hepworth sculpture and ankle length coat // pals // art room and my fabric addition to our classroom's door // I have a thing for patterned carpets

Anyway, on Monday I went with some friends to see Peace play Heaven in London. We saw them together at Reading, and so it was somewhat nostalgic to all go and see them again. Their new record arrived on Saturday night, and safe to say after sitting up to listen to it complete I can vouch that it is really, really good. They manage to maintain a slightly comedic, fun vibe while laying down some seriously good music too. My favourites are of course World Pleasure, Happy People, Perfect Skin and I'm a Girl. Actually wait. I love them all.

It was a quite intimate venue, and after waiting there since 5 we managed to secure ourselves a space at the barrier (meaning we are in pretty much all photos from the gig on NME etc). We had an amazing view, and the set was absolutely seamless; the highlight was of course the band breaking out into Led Zeppelin halfway through playing 1998. I also bumped into Georgiana towards the end, which was so surreal as I adore her blog / her art / everything and am going to be contributing towards her art collective once it's all started up. The evening was pretty much perfect, and we even managed to meet the band afterwards (they are such lovely, down-to-earth guys). Their support, Ekkah, were also really good (I've had 7am on repeat ever since).
Anyway, I hope you all have a good half term...I'm going to spend mine partially in Margate, some at home doing art and then the last weekend at London Fashion Week, and so should be pretty active on this page over that time. See you soon!

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chemically so heavenly
chemically so heavenly
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