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and here we are hand in hand now

Sunday evenings always seem to go on forever, almost as if time slows down just to let you endure the weight of the week ahead that little bit longer. This Sunday has been a relaxing one, as Mother's Day meant a cosy family catch-up and lunch out, and I have a school trip tomorrow  so I don't have to worry about work and lessons for one more day at least.
The last week has been slow and peaceful - the aftermath of crazy deadlines has been relaxing, and has given me time to catch up with friends, get some art done, and generally attempt to sort my life out ahead of the craziness of the upcoming exam & revision season that's heading my way.

I wore a very 'me' outfit today, which made a nice change as college recently has reduced my wardrobe to comfy jumpers and loose patterned trousers as I just haven't had enough time to put proper outfits together. I wore my leopard print top and new shirt from Beyond Retro, with a skirt from Urban Outfitters and my favourite mustard platforms from The Whitepepper. I also wore my little fox necklace from Ladybird Likes for the first time - foxes have always been my spirit animal (we have the same colour hair) and so I couldn't resist buying this little one when I saw them for sale.

 The bracelet is from Hirst Antiques, and was my present from my mum for my sixteenth birthday. I am seriously loving wearing jewellery at the moment - I think being able to dress up in it all day on a Saturday has made all other outfits feel incomplete without some crazy earrings or loads of necklaces and rings. For some reason, I like my jewellery to have meaning - all of my rings are from different people, either my mum's from when she was my age, a present my best friend bought me from a market in China, a black onyx one from work that I wore for my cousin's wedding, or a teeny heart ring a lady at an antique market gave me for free. I think it's probably to do with my obsession with memories. Who knows.

Anyway, on Tuesday after college I hopped on the tube and met up with Mona in Brick Lane, which was such a lovely way to spend an evening. We have been trying to meet up for ages, and finally managed to pull it off. It felt so nice being out with another like soul, wandering around one of my favourite places, drinking hazelnut lattes in cute caf├ęs, taking photos and enjoying the unusually moderate temperature and rainless sky.

We spent the unfortunately very short (if only I didn't have college!) time exploring shops, discovering we have very similar music taste, and trying on crazy patterned outfits in Beyond Retro. In retrospect, we should have organised a little shoot if we had had more time! It was lovely though, and reminded me that you really can get a lot done in one day if you put your mind to it.

I wore a jersey dress from Topshop over a cream top with layered pendants from The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden, scarf from Blitz, coat from Etsy and bag from Rokit. The 'Birth of Venus' socks are from Topshop, and made me unbelievably excited to finally own them (I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of art socks for what feels like years).

I took some film photos, and Mona took photos too so I'm sure more will be on this page over the next week or so (as usual I have loads I need to get developed. I've taken to carrying a disposable/film camera around with me 24/7 so literally live in snappy snaps).
Hope you have a good week!
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and here we are hand in hand now
and here we are hand in hand now
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