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But I don't want to wait

For some bizarre reason, the last week or so has decided to be unusually sunny and warm for London, meaning for the first time in months I have been able to leave the house without a huge coat on. I've even braved bare legs a few times, which although it isn't that warm yet, felt surprisingly summery for April.
Anyway, I was sent some really cute summery pieces from the lovely Alice's Pig to style, and so have been able to dip my toes back into summer dressing again. It's so weird not having to wear a thousand layers / take extra jumpers with you everywhere. I'm not used to it yet. I love it though - as much as I thought I was a winter girl, summer just makes me so happy - what beats long, bright evenings and warm sun that brings out your freckles?!

I wore the Chaplin's Chap Top, with the Little Greenie Shorts, my Asos shoes and Rokit bag. I decided to throw on a hawaiian-print shirt on top as well, as I do love a bit of pattern clashing and felt if I was going to wear bright green I may as well go for a bright shirt to match/clash as well. The top was so comfortable - a perfect long-crop fit, with soft and light material that would be perfect for hot summer days. The shorts are also amazing - perfect height on the waist, and that perfect length that is short and feminine without being uncomfortably revealing or too short. Also the colour is great - I wouldn't usually go for such a bright green, but I have definitely been converted. Summer festival shorts sorted.

Alice's Pig have some amazing pieces on their site, I really recommend you check them out! Sorry for the short post, I will have longer to write this weekend (once I am not waist-deep in art work for my exam next week!)
Have a lovely weekend!

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But I don't want to wait
But I don't want to wait
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