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catch a lift on the last bus home

I feel like I've lost a week - the start of the Easter holidays has flown by so quickly, and I really haven't got it into my head yet that I only have a week left. I intend to do my usual, and fit as much as possible into my remaining seven days of exam-free liberty before going back to college.
I've done well so far - after spending the longest and loveliest last day of term with friends I headed off on Sunday to Devon/Cornwall, where I have spent the last week in a camper van. It's been something my family have wanted to do for ages and now seemed like the perfect time...I have to admit, it was not all plain sailing (going from a house to a space smaller than a room is tough, especially with the dog as well) but it was definitely an experience I would recommend (and wouldn't hesitate to do again!) We borrowed a gorgeous yellow VW from the lovely O'Connors Campers, and if it wasn't for a tiny bit of sporadic 3G signal I could have sworn I had gone back in time to the 60s/70s. I have quite a few posts worth of photos from the week, but thought I'd start with this little catch up as it feels like ages since I last wrote something properly here.

This was my outfit for the journey down...my dad simply raised his eyebrows and said "hmm...funky." I have no issue with this - not everyone has the same inclination to wear 67890 clashing patterns at once as I do, but for some reason I just don't feel complete without a few layers and some leopard print or something for good measure. The leopard top is from Beyond Retro, the trousers from Asos and the t-shirt from a vintage shop in Margate. The earrings are my little Bill Skinner frogs from Hirst Antiques.

Sketchbook/old journal/new journal update. I've just finished my jan/feb/march journal and started a new (tiny!!) moleskine to continue documenting every single part of my life. I guess my need to remember everything borders on obsessive, but I love it - imagine being able to flick through your parents' teenage journals? I like to think that my future children will find them entertaining, and they will hopefully be a point of reference/nostalgia for me in later life. I've started to try and sketch/doodle every day too...I don't do enough art (even though it's the main thing I do!) and so hope that starting a new journal will get me into the routine of visually recording everything as well as, or instead of, having to write everything down. 

Disposables from March...cute hangs, Mona!!!, pretty bikes/cafe.

These photos (all credit to the very-talented-with-a-camera Bridey Oakley) are from an early morning trip to see the eclipse a few weeks ago. We had a morning off school so trekked up to Ally Pally to watch it...unfortunately we didn't actually see anything, but had a nice morning in the fresh air. It was definitely more productive than the lie-in I would normally have had.

Mixture of Bridey's photos / my disposables from seeing my friend's band, Girl Ray, play a few weekends ago. They are actually really good and you should totally check out their soundcloud if you get the chance here...it was a good evening full of glitter, lino flooring, red velvet tiles and tube journeys.
Anyway, I apologise for the very mismatched/ unorganised post - I have some better planned ones from this week in Cornwall coming up over the next week so hang on in there, you never know (I still have faith that I will become organised yet). Have a lovely weekend!

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catch a lift on the last bus home
catch a lift on the last bus home
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