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it's just so convenient to be fragile

It is starting to feel as if every time I sit down to write a post here, the first sentence that comes to mind is always something about how hectic the last week has been, trying to balance everything all at once and often making the mistake of over-booking myself in an attempt to fit as much into each day as possible. I think this lifestyle has actually become normal to me now, so it shouldn't really require a sentence describing it because I've had a hectic week every single week since I started college, and I am quite certain everyone else with studying and exams coming up feels the same way. This week was a particularly interesting one though as I have my AS art exam today and tomorrow, which has taken up a lot of time at school and in preparation. It's probably one of the nicest exams that exists though, and my piece for this project involves lots of draped fabric, layering and beading so I am quite content.

These photos are from a while back in Padstow and at Mother Ivey's Bay in Cornwall during the Easter holidays. I ended up taking a ridiculous amount of pictures on that holiday and am yet to sort them out so I can post them all. These were all from our last day before coming home, so they are certainly some of my favourites as we managed to get so much done and see so much before leaving to come back home. The morning was spent taking a very early walk down to Mother Ivey's, which was beautiful and well worth waking up for. We then headed over to Padstow for the second time as we had loved it so much the first time (and as expected we discovered so much more on the second visit).

One of Padstow's most popular haunts is the Chough Bakery, which sells amazing cornish pasties, cakes, pastries and breads, and we got ourselves some lunch plus a latte from a nearby cute coffee counter to eat and drink overlooking the sea.

It was a slightly less sunny day compared to the first few of our holiday, so I ended up wearing a few layers (which I love to do anyway). I wore my leopard top and suede skirt from Beyond Retro, with a silky shirt from a vintage shop on Portobello road, H&M socks, Topshop coat and my bag from Mi-Pac. I feel so comfortable and at home when clashing patterns for some reason, and am still ridiculously excited to own a panelled suede skirt (especially as Beyond Retro make their own, so they have sizes that fit instead of the unusually big or small skirt sizes you often find preserved from the 60s).

I am really getting into wearing jewellery at the moment and have been wearing my stone necklaces from The Astrology Shop almost every day recently. The earrings were from a kilo sale.

The Trelaw tea rooms looked so pretty, quaint and authentically vintage, and although we couldn't stop by I did manage to take some photos through the door. I am weird when it comes to documenting things...I am that person who takes a camera everywhere and photographs anything and everything. Its worthwhile though, as you stumble across things like cats looking out of pretty painted windows.

We stopped outside a pub and once again I had a little experiment with my new polaroid (Fujifilm mini90). I still can't get over how it works so efficiently considering how tiny and lightweight it is. I bought it on a whim with a gift-voucher from my God parents and cousins as I'd wanted one for ages, but now don't understand how I lived without it - it's great to be able to get physical copies of photos straight away sometimes, instead of always having to wait for them to be developed.

We had dinner in Rojano's, which was a fantastic idea as it meant I got to comfort myself about going home with a crazily good chocolate sundae.

Anyway, that's most of the photos from Easter - now I can skip back to the present. I found out yesterday that i-D magazine had featured me in their "Tavi's kids: five high school bloggers to watch" feature which was posted yesterday on their US site and today on the UK one - I had no idea until I got an email from the lovely Emily Manning who wrote the amazing piece. I am still quite in shock - i-D has been so influential for me over the last few years, especially as I've been getting more and more interested in writing and journalism, and so to be recognised by them really is no less than a dream come true. It was even better as I shared the excitement with other girls I really admire, including Khensani and Tolly, which really made it such an amazing experience...thank you to anyone who has clicked the link through to this page, and to those who have been reading for ages, and to everyone at i-D for being awesome as always. Have a lovely weekend guys!

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it's just so convenient to be fragile
it's just so convenient to be fragile
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