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kind of blurry like a VHS

This last week has really flown by - I knew it would, as having one week of no college is always a panic for me, trying to cram in as much as I can into the morsel of temporary freedom before getting back into the monotony of college and revision. It's actually been a really good week...on Monday I saw the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A (it is seriously a must-see...one of the best the V&A have put on so far), on Tuesday I had a movie night with some pals and swooned over the clothes worn in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and then on Wednesday I painted and went to see Drenge play a small gig at Rough Trade. Thursday was mainly a try-and-get-some-work-done day, and today I spent the morning at the Tate with a friend seeing Tracey Emin's 'My Bed' before sitting on a wall overlooking the Thames. A good week in my books. Its one of those things - if I had been at home all Easter I probably wouldn't have had anything to do or anywhere to go, but of course the moment you only have limited time suddenly everything has to happen at once. I don't mind though - I love being busy. It's stressful, but I just can't not be at least a little productive each day. (Although my definition of productive may mean eating sushi and painting instead of hardcore revision kind of productive...)

These photos are all from a little day trip to Padstow as part of my holiday last week. I'd been before as a child but only remembered the beach. It is such a lovely town - a wonderful mix of traditional seaside and fishing village, but with modernised restaurants and independent shops that make it perfect for everyone. I spent the day buying lots of cheap secondhand jewellery, which is a new thing I am in to at the moment...working at Hirst has really opened my eyes to wearing and buying jewellery, and now I am becoming a little obsessed. It's a slippery slope.

I wore my black Rokit shorts with a shirt from Camden Passage in Islington, a Beyond Retro waistcoat, my jacket from Margate and backpack from Mi-Pac. I also wore my new shoes from The Whitepepper...I felt the need to have a pair for the summer, as my mustard ones are just so comfortable. I just love how much taller they make me (and the colour is to die for...I'm not a really pink girl but they just pick up the pink detail in the florals I like to wear and so they are so perfect for my wardrobe).

It was such a beautiful day (especially considering how storm-like the night had been) and so sketching on the beach was ideal. My new little moleskine has got me into sketching so much more, as whipping it out on the tube/bus/cafes etc is so much less intrusive and obvious than my old bigger one. 

Apologies for the slightly erratic writing / old photos, I am attempting to get two write-ups of geography coursework done today and so will get a much more cohesive post up soon. Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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kind of blurry like a VHS
kind of blurry like a VHS
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