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First Style by Portobello Box

Happy Friday!! It's been another week since I finished my exams and I have seriously enjoyed not having revision to do. I've been able to go to art galleries again, see family, hang out with friends, wander around Brick Lane, go out for breakfast...I really have been able to appreciate how worthwhile getting work done is, as the more you put in the more you enjoy the freedom afterwards. Anyway, today I have the first installment of my work with Style by Portobello, a brilliant new subscription service that offers monthly boxes filled with vintage surprises hand-picked from the shops and market stalls of Portobello road. The fact that the boxes are so personalised, and from one of my favourite places in London, makes them so ideal for me and anyone who likes vintage accessories.

I received my first box really quickly (I do love speedy deliveries) and was shocked at just how perfect the pieces were - not only was the box beautiful, the silk scarf, chain necklace and BOW TIE (!!!) were gorgeous, in perfect condition and exactly what I would have chosen myself! To top it all off, a little handwritten note sealed Style by Portobello as one of my favourite up-and-coming businesses, and I can only predict great things for them in the months to come. A subscription is not only a lovely monthly surprise for the busy every day person who may not be able to pop down to Portobello to shop as much as they might like to, but it would also make a fantastic present - imagine being able to give someone a gift that will go on for months on end?!

This was an outfit I wore to work last Saturday, with my silk scarf and chain necklace from my Style by Portobello box finishing it off. The skirt is from Beyond Retro, the jacket from a kilo sale (real Diesel for £10! I love sales) and the top from Urban Outfitters. I adore the scarf - I keep thinking of different ways to wear it, and am working on learning how to use it to tie up in my hair, 1950s style. The chain is so versatile - everyone needs a gold chain in their life and now I have this one, I don't know what I did without it before.

Thank you Style by Portobello for the amazing box - I am looking forward to styling the bow tie next! I really recommend them for anyone who loves a bit of vintage and a nice surprise each month. Have a lovely weekend,
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First Style by Portobello Box
First Style by Portobello Box
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