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let me play it with your radio

Once again I got another disposable developed. I have a serious addiction to capturing every second of my life on film, and as much as I try to use normal film cameras, it is just so much easier to carry a disposable around with me instead. I've had a few run-ins with the negative side of film recently...getting the roll caught up in the camera, a whole roll not coming out whatsoever, all the photos coming out really dark etc etc, so to be on the safe side I've recently reverted to sticking with disposables for the times I know I want to be sure the photos will come out, as on the whole they are really reliable. My friends have just got used to a camera being permanently glued to my hand - as annoying as it probably is, I think it's worth the extra weight in my bag as I know when I'm older I'll have so many photos to look back on. I know I could just be a normal teenager and use a digital camera or my phone camera instead, but for some reason I just love the effect of film.

The above photos were taken in Notting Hill after work a week or so ago. The houses there are so huge and beautiful that it's quite difficult to fight the urge not to wander aimlessly around there all day and try to discover them all. I wore a Beyond Retro shirt, Urban Outfitters skirt, Rokit shoes and H&M tights from Amanda who I work for at Hirst Antiques. They are the perfect shade of mustard and make me so happy when I wear them (I just really really love the colour mustard).
Anyway, I was sent an amazing collection of vintage clothes from the amazing Cuff N Roll, and thought why not photograph them using film? I thought it would make a change and hopefully show them in the sort of retro light they would have been intended to be seen in.

Cuff N Roll have such a wide selection of items - from quirky, cosy one-off jumpers like the one I wore above, to necessities like plaid shirts and Levi shorts.

As said my friends probably get so annoyed at my obsession with photo-taking but I like to think that maybe they'll thank me later, as it does mean they'll have candid photos to look back on in the future. Who knows.

I adore vintage basics like plaid shirts and retro logo t-shirts - they are the kind of things everyone needs in their wardrobe as they make great outfits that are really quick and easy to put together. Cuff N Roll sell a great selection, for example the t-shirt and shirt I am wearing above. There is nothing better to do art or work in than a cosy, loose plaid shirt.
Thank you Cuff N Roll for the clothes, and seriously check them out for amazing retro finds!

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let me play it with your radio
let me play it with your radio
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