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doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city

I started back at college this week after the exam season, and have actually quite enjoyed the fresh start (being given the chance to actually organise myself was much needed - I even bought highlighters for the first time since gcses). The cancelled lessons are great too - most of my teachers are still moderating work, or as we aren't starting the A2 courses yet, are giving us lessons off for 'reading time'...most of which so far have been spent having long lunches outside and making the most of the sun while it lasts.
These photos are all from last Sunday, when I met up with Antonio Perricone. I first saw his work through knowing his friend Sophie's blog (seriously if you aren't reading it you have been missing out your entire life) and reviewing their zine Pretty back in October 2013 (here). He also worked with Hollie and Ophelia in the summer (Hollie's post on it is here) and we started to plan a shoot together late last year, however with sixth form draining us of both time and energy we weren't able to actually meet until now; exams well and truly finished, and the possibility of summer seeming more of a reality than the distant dream it usually is in Britain most of the time. We ended up meeting in Notting Hill early in the morning, wandering around the seemingly endless pretty streets, wondering what it would be like to live in one of the huge painted five-floor houses and imagining what kinds of people did actually inhabit the quiet and grand neighbourhood. We took photos whilst walking, stopping only after discovering an exquisitely decorated front porch (covered in flowers?!) a symmetrical line of houses, or a particularly nice backdrop of flowers (sometimes even with the added bonus of an accidentally-photobombing child or family). Antonio is not like a typical photographer; instead of being separate and mechanical with the process, he works with the sort of natural flair associated with most artists. I always attributed the style and uniqueness of his photographs to be a careful choice of interesting subjects and locations, but whilst shooting I realised instead that it was much more his unwavering intent to capture the image he had planned in his mind, and a way of naturally getting you to work with his ideas without even realising or needing to brief you or explain it. It made me think a whole lot more about how the images I see on a daily basis reflect the photographer who took them: there is much more of an art to photography than I had ever imagined, with even fashion-based (and generally quite commercial) photography being just as artistic and relevant as conceptual photography or fine art itself.

The photos really reflect the day we had - a very chilled Sunday morning, with an edge of that teenage feeling - the one that feels as if you are on the precipice of something; you are going somewhere but you aren't quite sure where just yet. It's as if you start to become aware that the experience of being 17 is limited - a transient period of time, hanging on to the last freedoms of your teenage years before everything changes. I think the photos (whether intentional or not) kind of capture this feeling - echoes of childhood and freedom, but with a sort of nostalgic edge and tone, as if these sort of days will eventually be the past as you move into a new phase of your life.
I wore one of my classic I-think-I'm-wearing-too-many-patterns outfits, but I couldn't help myself; I think clashing but slightly complimenting prints reflect my personality quite accurately, as my character and interests are quite an eclectic mix but somehow seem to work together in one way or another. The shirt is from HFW Vintage in Margate, the top from a charity shop and the skirt from Blitz.

I feel like we discovered so many amazing houses, private gardens and even little things like an abandoned TV, pink bouncy ball with a dinosaur inside, and a weirdly morphed sticker of a butterfly with a child's head. It really made me want to go out and explore around London more - the suburbs and further-out neighbourhoods hold so much that I haven't even begun to discover yet.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend - I'd really recommend you have a look at Antonio's portfolio here and blog here!

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doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city
doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city
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