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I wish the sun could just keep me warm

I can't believe I am back at college tomorrow!! The three weeks I've had off from exams has been full of summertime-ish freedom, but now I have to go back to school until I head off to Indonesia for 18 days (school trip come adventure of a lifetime I seem to have signed myself up to - it means my summer holiday begins a little earlier than everyone else's as we leave a week or so before school breaks up, which definitely makes up for the 9 vaccinations I've had to have). I had a really lovely pre-going back sunday, spending the morning shooting with Antonio in Notting Hill (I can't wait to share the photos we took!), hanging around and then seeing family for a lunchtime barbecue. I wrote this post last Wednesday, but may as well leave what I rambled on about even though when I say "today" that now means last week. 
-Written Last Wednesday:-
Today was a really busy but lovely day, and with the addition of the warm sun shining down felt very much like part of the summer holidays. I started off in Shoreditch, and was lucky enough to be able to take part in a panel with Converse, with four amazing panelists (who made me feel very unaccomplished in comparison!) Afterwards, I met my dad for lunch as he works nearby, before getting the tube to the Angel and going on a two hour walk all the way down to streets I haven't been to since I was about three or four, walking home from school with my Nan. It was weird to be there again, alone and older, with The Front Bottom's albums on shuffle in my earphones and an almost overwhelming urge to just keep on walking without any real purpose. I enjoyed my spontaneous stroll, and managed to pop into my favourite antique, charity and record shops while I was there. I also bought a canvas that is 60 inches high (literally taller than me) and I am quite scared to use it in case it falls on me or something (also how I'm going to reach the top I don't know).

These photos are from about a week ago, after visiting the Tate Britain with family to see a few exhibitions (and see Tracey Emin's bed again - I will never tire of her work). I took some really nice photos in the gallery whilst there with my friend a few months ago but the film never came out, which I obviously have still not quite come to terms with (I always feel like I've lost a part of me, or a part of my memory or something, when photos I've taken don't come out or I lose film).
I wore a lace shirt and tartan jacket from a charity shop, a dress from Motel and bag from Rokit, with my Deichmann shoes which my dog recently destroyed (leaving me with no option but to repurchase the exact same pair - I don't know what I'd do without them). I also wore red lipstick for pretty much the second time ever...I do want to be a person that can wear lipstick but I generally am so clumsy I end up with it on everywhere but my lips after about ten minutes.

My new-found obsession with jewellery was continued in the form of my goose necklace and toucan pin, both from Margate. I quite like the accidental bird theme. I've started to feel naked without jewellery - I absolutely have to be wearing earrings and some form of neck accessory, and if not both I must have one or the other.

(bangle from Margate...it cost me only £1...I love anything that's £1)]

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely week! I have used up a roll of film (almost) on my olympus, and it shoots half-frame so hopefully I should have quite a few photos from the last three weeks to share once I get them developed. Also, I have updated my Etsy with loads of new things so have a little look if you want to!

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I wish the sun could just keep me warm
I wish the sun could just keep me warm
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